MaxContact integrates award-winning speech analytics to help businesses improve customer experience and reduce churn

Manchester-based Contact Centre software company MaxContact has partnered with Avoira to integrate powerful speech analytics into its industry-leading contact centre solution.

The deal sees MaxContact adopting Avoira’s award-winning voice analytics solution, Xdroid, to help businesses create more satisfying customer experiences.

Avoira’s speech analytics accurately QA checks every single conversation, at mass scale, with market-leading accuracy. It provides insight to a business on all customer and agent conversations, using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automatically score agent performance, measure customer sentiment using speech patterns, keywords, emotion analysis and intonation.

The platform delivers insight into 100% of customer & agent interactions, helping improve customer experience by showing how callers perceive a business and highlighting calls and trends within a business, that require further attention. By identifying customer emotion accurately, Avoira’s Xdroid solution lets businesses act to positively influence it. Helping companies predict potential churn by identifying dissatisfaction or anger in customer speech patterns.

MaxContact CEO Ben Booth said: “Xdroid from Avoira is an excellent addition to our contact centre solution, giving businesses new ways to improve customer service and identify unhappy customers – at scale – before they become ex-customers. That’s a powerful tool for any contact centre. It fits perfectly with MaxContact’s solution, adding to our own best-in-class analytics and reporting tools.”

Steve Watts, CX Practice Director at Avoira welcomed the new partnership. “Harnessing MaxContact’s formidable, feature-rich platform with Xdroid’s powerful, real-time, AI-powered analytics will present contact centres with a particularly compelling proposition” he said. “It’s a package which will assist in tackling ever-increasing competitive pressures, growing regulatory oversight and satisfy an overwhelming desire to deliver service excellence with each and every call.”

MaxContact is a feature-rich and cost-effective contact centre solution built by a team of contact centre experts. The company’s highly reliable and secure cloud-based software integrates with existing services like CRM, billing and bespoke industry applications and supports seamless omnichannel communication across voice, email, SMS and social. Agents can access the service from anywhere and on any device.

Avoira’s Xdroid solution is available as part of MaxContact’s cloud-based contact centre solution now.

About MaxContact

MaxContact is a Contact Centre Software company offering secure, feature-rich and professionally supported solutions that drive productivity and efficiency.

Our inbound, outbound and omnichannel services are continually developed by contact centre experts. All our solutions are based in the cloud and hosted on Microsoft Azure, maximising security and flexibility.

MaxContact is one of the fastest-growing contact centre specialists in the UK, home to 100 million interactions every month. We are based in Manchester.


About Avoira

Headquartered in Bury and with offices in Bristol, London and Warrington, Avoira provides fluent, single-source solutions backed by specialist expertise and support services.

That expertise spans consultancy, sales, installation and maintenance services across the communication spectrum: from unified communication and collaboration systems and hardware, CX solutions and cloud services, to Wi-Fi networks, IT services, two-way radio systems and security.

As a long-established specialist, the company enjoys strong and close relationships with key industry players, including Avaya, Microsoft, Motorola, Extreme, O2, EE, and Vodafone, as well as ground-breaking AI speech and text analytics specialist, Xdroid.