NICE Infuses NEVA Desktop Guidance with Real-Time Behavioral Insights from Enlighten AI

NICE announced that NEVA, its attended automation offering, is now enriched with NICE Enlighten AI’s real-time behavioural and conversational insights, ensuring hyper-personalized service experiences. This first-of-its-kind innovation enables a real-time understanding of agent behaviours, providing desktop and interaction guidance to accurately meet customer needs.

NEVA with NICE Enlighten AI boosts first call resolution, reduces after-the-fact employee training and coaching, improves employee engagement and increases service effectiveness.

Today’s economic environment calls for every customer touchpoint to be optimized and effectively converted into meaningful business outcomes, all while ensuring superior service that’s quick and intuitive. This cutting-edge innovation includes real-time understanding of the agent behaviours proven to impact customer satisfaction.

By combining NEVA’s contextually relevant desktop guidance and task automation capabilities with real-time behaviour coaching, agents are empowered to focus on the customer experience, immediately adapt behaviour and take decisive action to close the loop. This transforms live customer interactions into exceptional service experiences.

Barry Cooper, President NICE Enterprise Group, said, “The events of the past year have highlighted the importance of customer service which has seen significant increases in interactions, particularly over digital channels. To this end, we are very excited to bring our proven NICE Enlighten AI to NEVA. This innovative solution enables organizations to combine Enlighten AI’s predictive and behavioural triggers with NEVA’s market-leading automation capabilities. It is our firm belief that this powerful combination will empower customer-facing employees to be the best they can be by proactively adapting and tailoring customer interactions to drive brand loyalty.”