New Study from Qualtrics Reveals How CIOs are Future-Proofing the Workforce Technology Experience

New research released from Qualtrics reveals how IT executives and senior technology leaders in Europe are playing a critical role in helping their workforce navigate the global pandemic and driving employee engagement, enablement, and productivity.

Findings from the Qualtrics study of more than 200 IT executives from France, Germany and the UK provide a framework for how leaders have shifted their technology investments during COVID-19 as a result of employee feedback and insights, and how those priorities indicate a broader trend in enabling the workforce of the future. (Study results can be found here)

Key takeaways:

  • 63% of all IT executives said at least a quarter of their employees will continue to work remotely permanently
  • 70% of organisations increased the frequency of employee listening since COVID-19 began
  • 74% of respondents said they’re currently taking action on IT transformation projects in direct response to employee feedback
  • 28% of IT departments feel extremely prepared to support employee needs post-COVID-19

“Our data shows us that 63% of IT leaders believe remote work is permanent, and the role of IT in improving the employee experience will only grow in importance,” said Jay Choi, Chief Product Officer, Qualtrics. “That’s why we believe technologies such as Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ will be critical in supporting IT leaders and their teams in rethinking how they listen to the needs of their employees and act on their feedback to deliver world-class technology experiences.”

In addition to the study, Qualtrics launched EmployeeXM for IT, which helps IT teams identify and improve the employee experience by understanding technology gaps within the organisation. Leaders can use insights gained to receive more clarity around how internal technology, tools, and services can best support employees, and which actions are needed to help their workforce be more productive and successful.

EmployeeXM for IT closes employee technology gaps in four areas:

  • Provide IT and HR leaders with a holistic understanding of employees’ everyday technology experiences
  • Improve IT support processes, quality, and perception
  • Ensure new vendor implementations and project rollouts meet employee needs
  • Use employee insights to make the right investments and drive continuous improvement

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