Contexta360 Secures €1.0 Million Seed Round Financing

Contexta360, a leading speech analytics and conversational intelligence company announced it has completed a €1.0 Million seed round financing. Disruptive Technology Ventures B.V. were the sole investor in the round.

The investment will be targeted towards expanding the company’s sales and marketing functions initially in key markets throughout Europe in the enterprise market sectors. Following the successful launch of Contexta360’s solution software in 2020 and subsequent revenue growth, Contexta360’s innovative and ‘re-imagined’ speech and text analytics, automation and Conversational Intelligence platform is delivering a fresh approach to today’s ever more complex digital customer journeys.

Daan Nollen, Partner at Disruptive Technology Ventures B.V. said, – “Contexta360 is delivering a ‘re-imagined’ view of how speech analytics and quality management can be leveraged in today’s digital world. Understanding customer conversations, whether they be served by an agent or by an automated system is critical to business performance as well as the more traditional use of this technology in agent performance management. Contexta360 detects the friction points or gaps, whether that be People, Process or Technology, automates processes and reports on key metrics that are just not available from current chatbot, IVR or agent performance tools”.

Disruptive Technology Ventures B.V. latest fund invests in B2B Artificial Intelligence and big data software companies that disrupt existing markets and / or create large new markets.

Contexta360 digitally captures phone, video, chat and email interactions with millions of end customers, transcribes where required with market leading accuracy then analyses the conversations, and delivers automated, business, technology, process and people insights.

Ad Scheepbouwer, Partner at Disruptive Technology Ventures B.V. said, “Conversational AI and fully understanding the context of customer intent, need or frustration is the next chapter in ‘digital’ thinking. This is a massive void in the big-data mix and the innovators will demonstrate clear commercial advantage.”

Andrew White – CEO and founder at Contexta360 said: “Contexta360 has re-imagined speech analytics and agent quality management. Not only are we delivering a solution across all channels of communication, but we also provide invaluable insights into the ‘digital assault course’ the customer typically must tackle, without having to replace any tech-stacks already in place”.

Contexta360 is delivered as a cloud platform with a suite of additional modules:


Contexta360: BOOST – Easily build your own conversational intelligence queries and dashboard that go way beyond the sixteen metrics delivered out of the box.

Contexta360: BRAIN – A powerful AI and NLP capability that delivers capabilities such as:

  • Call summarisation – so your staff do not have to write up post call work.
  • Advanced topic detection – to detect unknow issues and to better track known issues.
  • Word-clouds patterns and trends.

Contexta360: LOGIC – Providing notification to leadership when key conversational metric thresholds are breached.

Contexta360: LINK – The ability to connect data to our platform, or to extract transcriptions, insights, topics, summaries and much more to third party systems.

About Contexta360

Contexta360 is a high growth company based in Amsterdam and London. We are a team of highly skilled software developers and computer scientists with a passion for artificial intelligence, speech-to-text, data science and natural language understanding. We help enterprise organisations capture voice, chat and video conversations across multiple languages, transcribing and analysing them for People, Process and Technology performance optimisation. We build a 360-degree view of customer interaction by analysing your conversations through the entire customer journey.