NICE Launches Enlighten AI Routing, Innovating CX with Next-Gen Intelligence

NICE announced the launch of NICE Enlighten AI Routing, enabling hyper-personalized, next-gen experiences in real-time. Powered by data from NICE Enlighten AI and infused with customer available data sources, NICE Enlighten AI Routing understands the holistic CX needs of the customer and identifies the best attributes to match the customer with the optimal agent in real-time.

With NICE Enlighten AI Routing, interactions become more engaging, efficient, and profitable, delivering benefits to the businesses’ bottom-line from the moment it is activated.

At the beginning of every interaction, NICE Enlighten AI Routing’s next-gen artificial intelligence evaluates its extensive datasets at scale in real-time to determine the most influential data for each connection. The solution uniquely gains a holistic view of each customer and their preferences by harnessing the power of NICE Enlighten AI and any additional data organizations provide.

The data is layered with analytics, giving insight into a customers’ recent experiences with a business, such as their sentiment and the outcomes of previous interactions. NICE Enlighten AI Routing identifies the most relevant datasets to gain a holistic view of the agent and select the optimal agent, including their recent training successes, active listening skills, ability to demonstrate empathy, and more. As a result, every interaction is hyper-personalized to connect the best agent for the individual customer’s needs in real-time.

Leveraging machine learning, NICE Enlighten AI Routing automatically self-learns and improves its datasets with each interaction. The continuous data updates create adaptability so businesses can easily realign their routing metrics to changing business goals. NICE Enlighten AI Routing transparently displays continuous outcomes in a Benefit Report, making ongoing improvement across their organization visible to business leaders. Built upon the foundation of Predictive Behavioral Routing, NICE Enlighten AI Routing embeds next-generation artificial intelligence and leverages all available data sources, including NICE Enlighten AI, to deliver hyper-personalized interactions and elevate customer experience.

Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce & Customer Experience Group, said, “In today’s post virtual decade, organizations are racing to distinguish their experiences and meet the demand for next-gen CX. Embedding AI across data sets speeds the delivery of brand-differentiating service. With NICE Enlighten AI Routing, organizations can immediately deliver the gold standard of service to their customers while powering measurable improvements in efficiency, CSAT revenue, and more.”

About NICE

NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) is the world’s leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to make smarter decisions based on advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data. NICE helps organizations of all sizes deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud and safeguard citizens. Over 25,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including over 85 of the Fortune 100 companies, are using NICE solutions.