Talkdesk Retail Smart Service Brings the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Customer Self-Service and Agent Interactions

Talkdesk®, the global customer experience leader for customer-obsessed companies, is announcing Talkdesk Retail Smart Service. The new AI-powered industry solution helps retailers deliver quality, automated self-service options for customers while allowing contact centre agents to focus on higher touch, revenue-generating engagements.

As growing customer service expectations put added pressure on companies to address requests and resolve issues faster than ever, many retailers are not yet prepared to meet the demand. In fact, Talkdesk Research reveals only 31% of retail industry CX professionals currently use AI in the contact centre. Talkdesk Retail Smart Service provides the key for retailers to unlock the value of their contact centre and opportunities for offering customers more personalized recommendations and engagements.

Powered by best-in-class customer relationship management and e-commerce integration capabilities, Talkdesk Retail Smart Service makes self-service smarter, convenient, and easy. AI and automated tools, including digital and voice virtual agents, interactive voice response, and SMS, enable retailers to automate the majority of the most common customer inquiries related to product order issues, shipping status updates, and post-purchase returns. AI agent assistance can also be used to monitor the context of a customer interaction and surface relevant prompts, speeding agent responsiveness, and giving them insights for making effective upsell and cross-sell suggestions.

Significantly reducing the time agents spend handling manual or repetitive tasks, Talkdesk Retail Smart Service not only drives operational efficiencies through automation of routine tasks, it prioritizes the experiences that matter most, redirecting agent time to assisting customers with more complex needs or those requiring a greater degree of empathy.

“Many retail contact centres have outdated technology and operate very reactively. Some have tried implementing AI-based self-service tools, but the bots weren’t very intelligent and the experience was clunky,” said Charanya Kannan, chief product and engineering officer, Talkdesk. “With Talkdesk Retail Smart Service, there’s a better way for them to capitalize on the power of AI, managing inquiries smarter and faster, so they can focus on more impactful brand-enhancing and revenue-generating activities.”

Talkdesk Retail Smart Service is the second retail-specific solution introduced by Talkdesk in 2021. In May, the company launched the Talkdesk Flexible Shopping solution, an end-to-end CX solution designed to help retailers ready their contact centres to support post-pandemic shopper expectations. As part of a bold CX strategy, Talkdesk plans to automate 80 percent of customer contact centre interactions over the next three years, leveraging AI and machine learning. Earlier this year, the company announced Talkdesk AI Trainer™, the first human-in-the-loop (HITL) tool for contact centres. Find out more about these solutions during Opentalk 2021, June 15-16.

About Talkdesk

Talkdesk® is a global customer experience leader for customer-obsessed companies. Our contact centre solution provides a better way for businesses and customers to engage with one another. Our speed of innovation and global footprint reflect our commitment to ensure businesses everywhere can deliver better customer experiences through any channel, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, cost savings and profitability. Talkdesk CX Cloud™ is an end-to-end customer experience solution that combines enterprise scale with consumer simplicity. Over 1,800 innovative companies around the world, including IBM, Acxiom, Trivago, and Fujitsu partner with Talkdesk to deliver a better way to great customer experience.

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