ibex Work@Home Technology Suite Accelerates the Digital Transformation of Global Customer Experience Operations

ibex, a global leader in business process outsourcing (BPO) and end-to-end customer engagement technology solutions, announced key enhancements to its Work@Home product suite. These solutions are key components of the ibex Wave X technology platform and are integral in driving superior operational excellence and innovation in a work at home setting.

The ibex Work@Home product suite focuses on key areas designed to drive cost savings, accelerate productivity, increase security, and enhance the customer experience (CX) for ibex customers, while supporting agents’ ability to meet rising consumer demands and work at maximum efficiency from anywhere in the world. These solutions include:

ibex Round Enables remote simultaneous monitoring of customer service agent screens from a single desktop, with live insight and coaching across all voice, chat, and online interactions.

ibex Witness Provides maximum awareness and visibility into customer-agent interactions through the automated monitoring of agent keystrokes, screen behaviour, and other digital activity. This helps reduce risk by identifying issues early, correcting noncompliant behaviour, and safeguarding personal data.

ibex Virtual Floor Management System (vFMS) Enables on-demand agent assistance from a dedicated subject matter expert, allowing for real-time issue escalation and immediate issue resolution.

ibex Training Simulator Creates real-world customer scenarios, guiding the agent through three stages of learning designed to reduce handle times, while accelerating proficiency in common call drivers such as product inquiries, billing, technical support, and new orders.

“The rapid shift to work-at-home models has compelled many service-based companies to invest in innovative technologies that facilitate a seamless shift from on-site to remote operations, while at the same time, manage an exponential increase in volume,” said Jim Ferrato, CIO, ibex. “ibex Work@Home products increase efficiencies for our clients by providing them with innovative technology that facilitates a rapid shift to remote work while fully optimizing the productivity and security of their operations.”

The ibex Work@Home product suite resides on the company’s Wave X technology platform, a dedicated technology hub that drives optimal customer interactions, contact centre performance, and digitally transformed customer experiences through an end-to-end set of technology capabilities.

About ibex

ibex delivers innovative business process outsourcing (BPO), smart digital marketing, online acquisition technology, and end-to-end customer engagement solutions to help companies acquire, engage, and retain valuable customers. Today, ibex operates a global contact centre of scale consisting of 31 operations facilities around the world, while deploying next-generation technology to drive superior customer experiences for many of the world’s leading companies across retail, e-commerce, healthcare, fintech, utilities and logistics.

ibex leverages its diverse global team of over 24,000 employees together with industry-leading technology, including its Wave X technology platform, to manage nearly 200 million critical customer interactions, adding over $2.2B in lifetime customer revenue each year and driving a truly differentiated customer experience.

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