Bambuser launches an improved UI for its One-to-One Live Video Shopping solution

After a successful launch in March last year, Bambuser’s One-to-One Live Video Shopping solution is now seeing a major UI refresh to further improve usability and performance.

Launched in the spring of 2021, Bambuser’s One-to-One Live Video Shopping solution enables retailers to invite customers into private, two-way video calls with brand representatives and – if requested – to integrate into CRM systems. Within the video calls, products can be showcased, demonstrated, compared and easily added to cart, making One-to-One the ideal solution to enhance personal shopping and customer service and create consultations that lead to increased sales post-call.

The latest One-to-One UI updates:

  • A premium look and feel to align with other Bambuser updates
  • Enlarged product display area enabling the customer to see products in greater detail
  • Enhanced flexibility to suit any screen size, enabling a 50/50 split screen to better showcase products
  • Improved customer points of interaction. Customers can now navigate through a selection of products (each featuring images and descriptions) curated by the brand representative