Fuze Announces New Patent for Advanced Telephony Functionality for Chat Groups

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications provider for the modern global enterprise, announced that it has been awarded a new patent for advanced telephony functionality for chat groups on the Fuze platform.

This patent simplifies the creation of ring groups and call queues by merging voice calling functionalities with traditional group chats for more streamlined workflows and collaboration among distributed workers.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued Fuze U.S. Patent No. 11201967 on December 14, 2021. This invention enables users to easily assign a voice call number to any chat group, and any person calling that number will then be forwarded to one or several of the group members.

“Historically, setting up ring groups or call queues has been a cumbersome and time consuming process that requires the involvement of IT and provisioning teams,” said Rob Scudiere, president and chief operating officer at Fuze. “This patent transforms the process by enabling any Fuze user, regardless of location, to create these groups and queues just by executing a few simple steps. These new chat to voice features are more crucial than ever as organizations continue to embrace a hybrid work model and navigate a distributed workforce.”

About Fuze

Fuze is a global cloud communications provider for the enterprise. Our intuitive unified communications and contact centre platform enables seamless transition between calling, meeting, chatting, and sharing powered by the industry-leading intelligent cloud architecture. Fuze empowers the digital and distributed workforce to communicate anywhere, anytime, and across any device. Founded in 2006, Fuze is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices around the world.

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