Squaretalk Announces a Disruptive Cloud Contact Center Extension for Salesforce

Squaretalk announced it had launched Axiom Cloud Contact Center on Salesforce AppExchange. Leveraging Salesforce CTI with Squaretalk’s native integration and workflows provides high-quality cloud communication directly inside Salesforce CRM.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Squaretalk Axiom is currently available on AppExchange Marketplace.

Salesforce users can now benefit from unique Squaretalk industry-leading technology aimed at helping fast-growing medium and large organizations and their employees become more efficient in managing customer interactions.

Squaretalk’s Axiom robust Call Center is a hub for business communication and a workflow optimization platform geared for inbound customer support and sales teams. With the utmost ease of integration, Axiom gives businesses all the tools they need to provide personalized service to clients worldwide, leveraging remote workers’ power by enabling them to work from anywhere.

Squaretalk’s native call centre integration has been designed to empower Salesforce CRM users to make and receive phone calls inside the CRM, providing a comprehensive view of historical caller activity, enabling users to provide better and more effective customer service. In addition, the extension pulls and displays curated, contextual information about the caller, giving customer support agents, recruiters, and sales teams all the information they need to personalize their interaction in real-time.

“With the rise in customer expectations, customer service has become increasingly important. Customers want personalized, efficient experiences. As a result, agents have to be able to access all the information they need to give that experience to the customer. They need access to previous conversations, interactions, and more. The industry is also plagued with high costs for customer acquisition, talent recruitment, and training. Our solution helps companies reduce operational expenses by distributing calls to the most suitable agent for each caller, personalizing every interaction to use agents’ time and maximize ROI efficiently,” said Elie Rubin, CEO of Squaretalk.

About Squaretalk

Squaretalk is a powerful communications platform helping growing businesses boost customer engagement by providing teams with the tools they need to communicate smoothly, so sales and support teams are much more effective.

Squaretalk’s mission is to simplify cloud communications while increasing employee productivity and customer engagement.
Founded in 2010, Squaretalk is a startup with a presence in Israel and Bulgaria, covering the EU and the Middle East clients, planning soon to open in the USA, NY.

Learn more about Salesforce CTI here: https://squaretalk.com/salesforce-cti/
Visit our website: https://squaretalk.com/

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