Quiq Adds Instagram and WhatsApp to Fuel Conversational Commerce and Customer Care

Quiq, the AI-powered conversational platform that enables enterprises to engage with customers across the most popular asynchronous messaging channels, announced the addition of Instagram and WhatsApp, two of the world’s premier social media and messaging channels.

Built to deliver a consistent customer experience across every customer interaction on any messaging channel, the new channels put brands who use Quiq at the forefront of superior customer experience.

Quiq’s support for Instagram and WhatsApp gives e-commerce and customer care leaders the tools they need to leverage two very popular channels without demanding a significant investment for training or staffing — making the move to these channels both strategic and cost effective for brands.

Instagram and WhatsApp are social media and messaging powerhouses, with Instagram alone reaching 126.3 million users. As more consumers expect to be able to interact with their favorite brands on Instagram and WhatsApp, Quiq gives brands an opportunity to leverage these channels as key sales and service tools at enterprise scale.

Quiq’s Conversational AI provides brands with tremendous efficiency in the management of inbound inquiries and empowers them to drive sales and resolve service inquiries through automation. If a customer’s inquiry is unique, Quiq’s Next Gen Asynchronous Contact Center seamlessly passes interactions to human agents who efficiently handle many customers at once in Quiq’s platform. As consumer buying habits become increasingly digital, the most successful brands will upgrade their online customer experience to be more personalized and conversational on Instagram and WhatsApp, providing the same level of service that previously was associated with in-store experiences.

Quiq enables brands to support the full conversational commerce journey from offers to personalized assistance to payments. For example, an online travel agent could promote a trip through an Instagram Story with the call to action leading to a conversational interaction with a chatbot to help narrow down trip preferences followed by a human agent to confirm booking and collect payment.

By using Quiq’s CRM integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft and Oracle, brands are able to utilize existing processes and customer data while modernizing the ways they communicate with their customers. Phone agents working in a CRM can easily transition to serve customers on Instagram and WhatsApp in Quiq embedded in their CRM while continuing to use their existing workflow.

“Many consumer brands have already modernized their customer interactions with Quiq’s Conversational Platform, but the popularity of Instagram and WhatsApp open up a whole set of possibilities for our clients. I can’t wait to see what conversational journeys they build!” said Mike Myer, CEO and co-founder of Quiq.

According to a recent report by Forrester “while 69% of US online adults use messaging to communicate with family and friends daily, just 41% do so with brands.” Quiq’s support for Instagram and WhatsApp helps bridge that gap by enabling brands to safely and securely reach more customers. Quiq also supports customer conversations on SMS/text messaging, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, webchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and more — in 170+ languages.

About Quiq

Quiq is the AI-powered Conversational Platform enabling businesses to engage with customers across the most popular digital messaging channels. Trusted by leading brands and boasting a 56 NPS score, Quiq’s enterprise-grade Conversational Platform supports SMS/text, Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages, webchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, call-to-text, and more. Quiq provides the leading solutions for business communications for the world’s best commerce and care teams. Quiq for Commerce and Quiq for Customer Care combine Conversational AI and digital contact centre to help commerce and service teams increase efficiency, drive revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, with an office in New York City, Quiq is a privately held company backed by Foundry Group, Venrock and Next Frontier Capital.

Learn more at https://www.quiq.com.