Optimizely and Google Cloud Partner to Drive Joint Innovation & Next-Gen Experimentation

Optimizely®, the leading digital experience platform (DXP) provider, announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, which includes moving its market-leading experimentation solutions to Google Cloud. The multi-year agreement indicates a commitment by the two companies to collaborate on innovative opportunities and bring advanced, digital-first marketing solutions to market.

Through the new partnership, customers can benefit from working with the de facto leader in experimentation for enterprise companies and Google Cloud’s trusted, secure infrastructure and capabilities in AI, ML and analytics. Optimizely’s Web Experimentation and Full Stack Experimentation allow marketers to take the guesswork out of delivering personalized, meaningful engagements. Optimizely will continue to fuel best-in-class experiences for its customers as they move to Google Cloud. Google Cloud and Optimizely will also coordinate a joint go-to-market and sales execution strategy to seamlessly deliver experimentation solutions to customers around the world.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Optimizely and Google Cloud will collaborate closely on co-innovation, developing new and expanded digital offerings that bring the best experience possible to new and existing customers. Joint Optimizely experimentation and Google Cloud customers, will reap the robust benefits of moving to Google Cloud, including flexibility and control, unmatched security, productivity and reliability. As marketing continues to evolve, success depends on the data-driven decision making and optimized customer experiences that Optimizely’s end-to-end, scalable experimentation solutions will deliver on Google Cloud.

“I couldn’t think of two tech companies that are more relevant for the data-driven growth marketer than Google Cloud and Optimizely. We share the same philosophy on leveraging data, AI and experimentation to replace guesswork with certainty,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely. “By entering into this strategic partnership with Google Cloud, we’re empowering marketers to unlock their digital potential, create exceptional customer experiences and deliver strong business outcomes all on a trusted, secure platform. It’s a true win-win-win situation for Optimizely, Google Cloud and the marketing industry overall.”

“Through this partnership, Google Cloud infrastructure will underpin Optimizely’s fast-growing and widely-adopted customer experience platform,” said Rob Enslin, President at Google Cloud. “It’s critical that businesses deliver exceptional products and services to consumers, and this partnership will enhance their ability to do so, driven by the Optimizely platform, data and Google Cloud’s capabilities in AI and ML.”

In a market defined by rapid disruption, this partnership will ensure innovation is accessible, scalable and quickly achievable for marketers looking to gain an edge and deliver optimal digital experiences.

For more information on how Optimizely and Google Cloud will partner together, please visit: https://www.optimizely.com/google.

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