Route 101 Partners With Leading Automation Provider UiPath

Route 101, a leading cloud systems integrator of advanced customer service technology platforms and tools in the U.K, announced that it has partnered with UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company.

Organisations can now combine Route 101’s customer engagement, workforce engagement, and analytics solutions with UiPath’s industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered automation technology to unleash AI across every facet of work – helping businesses to efficiently manage automation at scale.

The partnership brings together a market-leading Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution and an enterprise-grade platform for end-to-end automation, available both in-cloud and on-premise, to drive productivity and efficiency and accelerate digital transformation across the enterprise.

Today’s leading enterprises are investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to become faster, more adaptable, and create capacity for growth and innovation within their organisations. According to the 2021 Office Worker Survey conducted by UiPath, on average, respondents said they waste four and a half hours a week on tasks they think could be automated; 68% said they wish they had more time to explore how to incorporate new responsibilities into their day-to-day routines; and 58% believe their jobs don’t allow them to be as creative as they’d like to be.

When 59% of office workers around the world believe they can’t efficiently help customers, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly turning to solutions to unlock worker productivity and free them up to focus on meaningful work.

UiPath’s enterprise grade automation technology empowers contact centres to enhance the customer experience with the application of end-to-end automation. This translates into cutting down Average Handling Time by reducing the dead time spent switching between systems, an increase in agent engagement, and improvements in customer satisfaction. Automating processes across the contact centre can help to support a better omnichannel experience for customers – complete with smoother self-service options that reduce customer frustration and ultimately reduce inbound calls to the contact centre.

The UiPath platform makes it possible to insert AI skills in the form of machine learning models, natural language processing (NLP), character and image recognition, and more into RPA robots – bringing machine intelligence deep into day-to-day operations and accelerating front-line activities and decisions.

As agents continually report heavier workloads, and assume more responsibility across the entire customer journey, reducing the load and empowering agents with the right information at the right time can have a real impact on employee engagement, CSAT, and the bottom line.

“Route 101’s mission is driven by disruptive opportunities that can help organisations to deliver the very best customer experience – whilst reducing costs, scaling efficiently, and boosting revenue. In UiPath, we found a partner recognised by leading analysts as having the most innovative technology the industry can offer, and the experience to back it up. When many businesses are struggling to implement new capabilities to benefit their customers and their balance sheets, AI and automation are two of the most powerful emerging tools in an organisation’s arsenal. That’s why we’re so excited to add UiPath’s capabilities to our portfolio,” said Russell Attwood, Route 101 Founder.

Karin Pike, Regional Vice President, Partners at UiPath, said: “We’re excited to partner with Route 101 and help call centres improve handling time and offer customers the freedom to choose between self-service or attended support. Not least, automation is a great empowerment tool for support agents, which can reduce manual interventions and focus on delivering a meaningful customer experience.”

About Route 101

Route 101 is a leading cloud systems integrator, providing hosted and true cloud telecommunications and contact centre solutions. A supplier to worldwide organisations, Route 101 specialises in the implementation and support of true cloud transformation solutions, having built strong relationships with global vendors. Multi-award winning, Route 101 works tirelessly to deliver exceptional standards of support to their customers.

The quality of the solutions they offer, the strength of their partner and customer relationships, and their emphasis on quality service means Route 101 continues to act as a disruptor within the mid-enterprise space.

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