Sitel Group® Research Reveals How C-level Decision Makers Respond to Accelerated Digital Transformation

Sitel Group®, one of the largest global providers of CX products and solutions, revealed the results of its study analyzing how executives’ priorities, attitudes and comprehension around digital transformation have evolved since the pandemic.

While digital transformation has already been well under way for many years, COVID-19 has accelerated the transition, forcing businesses to focus on the future and build out their digital transformation strategies, as well as better understand the digital transformation landscape.

Sitel Group gathered the opinions of 403 C-level decision makers across the U.K. and U.S. for a deeper look at how executives are responding to an expedited digital transformation and what this means for the future of their businesses.

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on businesses across all sectors and continents. The pandemic has presented challenges that could only be overcome through new ways of thinking. This process has highlighted weaknesses amongst many systems and operations while simultaneously revealing previously hidden depths of strength, ingenuity, and perseverance.

“As brands look to the future, thinking about what’s next and how to build their strategy, it is abundantly clear that the brightest path for organizations as we move beyond the long-term effects of this pandemic is a digital business transformation,” said Martin Wilkinson-Brown, CMO, Sitel Group. “Sitel Group continues to embrace the innovative disruption conceived by new ways of thinking, and we look forward to helping our resilient brands and their customers thrive.”

Results from the Sitel Group research indicate that the learning curve created by COVID-19 is potentially nothing compared with the upward slope business may need to climb in order to realign with their customer base in the post-pandemic world. While consumers have reevaluated the importance of efficiency and convenience, 44% of organizations in the U.S. and U.K. have yet to take a significant step towards digital transformation and risk being left behind. As revealed in the survey, a majority of C-suite executives believe they understand their customers’ needs, but 57% of consumers believe organizations could be doing more to deliver a positive CX. The research from Sitel Group highlights that only 25% of organizations are in a position to take full advantage of data analytics in order to gain comprehensive customer insights.

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About the Study

This study examines the results of a survey of 403 C-Level executives (199 in the U.K. and 204 in the U.S.), conducted in June 2021. Respondents held a spectrum of C-level roles, but the majority (85%) held the position of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer or Chief Customer Experience Officer. The survey was conducted on behalf of Sitel Group® by Qualtrics.