Aculab enhances biometric authentication suite with FaiSentry, a highly secure AI-driven face recognition system

Aculab has announced the launch of FaiSentry, a new racially unbiased, face identification and verification system. Its facial biometric engine combines enterprise-grade security and ease of use, creating the optimal business and client experience.

FaiSentry enables reimagined authentication tools for business, streamlining the customer experience (CX). Going beyond passwordless login, it enables efficient and frictionless identification of multiple individuals from a single image, with results returned within a fraction of a second.

A single camera can monitor key entry and exit points, with FaiSentry identifying multiple individuals simultaneously from each image. This opens up the possibility of better-than-real-time operation, even in large-scale authentication scenarios.

FaiSentry use cases cover a wide range of industries to combat fraud, enhance privacy and improve security:

  • Authentication of web-chat callers for banking and financial services.
  • Controlling access to restricted areas at meetings and public events.
  • Identity confirmation for non-transferable travel tickets and passes.
  • Frictionless recording of workforce attendance.
  • Healthcare authentication, online or in person, for security of confidential information.

FaiSentry is controlled through an API that builds on Aculab’s AI-driven biometric product family and shares many of its advantages. These include a cluster-based architecture that provides effective scalability, robustness and future-proofing, along with the option of hosting on-premise or in a data centre.

Aculab’s Professional Services are available to tailor solutions to individual business needs.

Aculab is a UK-based company, certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 and is GDPR compliant. Its FaiSentry system meets its high quality standards so businesses can feel confident in their information security.

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About Aculab

Founded in 1978, Aculab has been at the forefront of telecommunication technological innovation since its creation, with more than 1000 customers in over 80 countries worldwide. Aculab offers a wide range of solutions including cloud-based CPaaS platform for voice, video and SMS, industry-leading Answering Machine Detection (AMD), Voice Biometric Authentication and telephony Gateways. With a head office located in Milton Keynes, UK, and a US office in Norwood, MA, Aculab is situated to deliver global solutions to a whole host of industries. These include Healthcare (HIPAA compliant), contact centres, public safety, and banking.

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