LivePerson upgrades Conversation Assist to supercharge agents with real-time AI recommendations

LivePerson, a global leader in Conversational AI, announced significant upgrades to its Conversation Assist capabilities, which provide agents with AI-driven, real-time recommendations for inserting content and bots directly into customer conversations with a single click.

Conversation Assist instantly arms agents with the right answers and AI support to help customers get assistance or purchase products. It analyzes every message from a customer to determine if a recommendation can help resolve their intent, then presents relevant content and automations directly inline within the conversation in the agent’s workspace. Agents can then immediately send recommended answers or delegate tasks to recommended bots.

With Conversation Assist, agents remain in full control of providing the best customer experiences. They can easily personalize any recommended text before sending, as well as remove bots from conversations as needed.

New enhancements to Conversation Assist’s recommendation engine include:

  • The ability to draw from several recommendation sources at once, including a brand’s knowledge base, automations built through LivePerson’s Conversation Builder, and bots from third-party platforms like DialogFlow and Watson.
  • An intuitive interface presenting multiple recommendations inline in the conversation, allowing agents to select the best one for the job.
  • An easy-to-use dashboard of rich analytics, empowering brands to continuously monitor and improve recommendation performance and agent engagement.

Conversation Assist drives meaningful outcomes for consumers, agents, and brands, including:

  • Improved consumer sentiment
  • Reduced agent handle time and time to respond
  • Increased number of concurrent agent conversations
  • Reduced time to onboard new agents
  • Increased revenue

A major British telco brand uses Conversation Assist to increase efficiency and compliance accuracy for sales conversations. By taking advantage of over 15,000 bot recommendations per month, the brand has seen estimated productivity savings of 5 minutes per conversation, as well as agent handling time reduction of 13.5%, all while increasing sales.

“LivePerson’s Conversational AI helps brands better understand customer intents, connect across channels, and deliver meaningful outcomes. Powered by our natural-feeling AI, Conversation Assist’s enhanced recommendation engine helps balance the efficiency of bots and human touch of a brand’s agents to provide consumers with even more efficient and helpful conversations,” said Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson.

Conversation Assist is a fully integrated solution within LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, which powers customer care and commerce across industries including retail, healthcare, financial services, travel and hospitality, and more.

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