Sabio Group Unveils ‘Sabio Console’

Sabio Group, the digital customer experience (CX) transformation specialist, is launching a new AI-powered platform aimed at simplifying the management of customer interactions across multiple channels.

Launched at ‘Disrupt’ – the UK version of Sabio’s flagship annual customer event – ‘Sabio Console’ integrates customer contact channels such as voice, webchat, SMS and WhatsApp into industry leading conversational AI platforms like Google CCAI, ES & CX.

‘Sabio Console’ will provide customers with the tools required to design, build, deploy and scale complex and automated customer interactions across multiple channels.

The new platform was launched and demoed to delegates at ‘Disrupt’, Sabio’s flagship event which is taking place today at ‘The Brewery’ in London.

Tom Mullen, Sabio’s Chief Product Officer, said: “Sabio Console is an exciting new offering that brings together Sabio’s experience in building AI-powered CX solutions into a single platform.

“The platform has been designed for organisations handling millions of customer queries and who have a large operating cost in their contact centre or customer service function. Those businesses will be aiming to scale more efficiently, whilst maintaining outstanding levels of customer service.

“That’s where Sabio Console flourishes and has been designed with flexibility and scale in mind. It provides an intuitive user interface so customers can get started quickly, along with a comprehensive API for customisation and building more complex use-cases as customers scale-up.”

Through Sabio Console, organisations can design, build, deploy and scale complex, automated customer interactions across multiple channels from within a single platform. It does this across three principal areas;

  1. Channel and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Integration; flexible integration between common customer engagement channels such as voice, SMS, WhatsApp and webchat with leading natural language AI platforms such as Google CCAI (both CX and ES). This integration allows organisations to build rich, omni-channel experiences for their customers
  2. Knowledge Management; Covers the creation, organisation and surfacing of documented knowledge at the right time to the right audience and extends Google Dialogflow ES’s intent model
  3. Analytics & Insight; Console brings extensive BI (Business Intelligence) capabilities powered by Google’s Looker, which allows customers to collect, interrogate and analyse substantial amounts of data collected through automated customer conversations.

Stuart Dorman, Sabio’s Chief Innovations Officer, said: “Console allows users to easily map channels to the relevant ‘bot’ and handles the complexity of media transport and session management, allowing customers to build rich, omni-channel experiences.

“The platform provides a comfortable authoring experience, simplifying the build out of virtual agent interfaces for chat, with easily embedded rich media, as well as SSML for voice. The multi-lingual capabilities, including automatic language detection, allows Console to be deployed across more than 70 languages. Meanwhile, the platform’s Analytics capability provides a set of pre-configured dashboards that provide the user with more visibility than ever before.”

He added: “Sabio Console is an extremely exciting offering and one that we think will have a huge impact not just for our clients but across the wider CX spectrum.”