Webhelp and Uitblinqers join forces to strengthen position in Dutch market

Webhelp and Uitblinqers announce they are joining forces to strengthen their position in the Dutch market. Uitblinqers will continue its rapid growth trajectory under Webhelp and will remain a stand-alone entity in the Netherlands under its current management team.

Uitblinqers’ unique employee proposition is aimed at developing talented young professionals, combined with a strong focus and reputation for delivering commercial, innovative and digital-first client services. Merging their diversity of employees and comprehensive range of services, Uitblinqers and Webhelp will bring a unique proposition to the market to provide scalable, flexible and high-quality solutions to its combined portfolio of clients.

Aligned to the services of Webhelp Suriname, Telecats, Netino and Medica, Uitblinqers will strengthen Webhelp’s ability to meet the changing and increased client demand. Together, the companies will work together to design game-changing customer journeys for today’s digital world.

“With Hugo, Bas and the entire team of Uitblinqers, we’ll continue our journey to offer the very best and most distinctive services in the Dutch market. Uitblinqers has found a new and entrepreneurial way to shape customer service with a unique workforce; quickly and smartly improving the contact for clients. Both our organizations’ commitment to the Built to Last philosophy offers an incredible platform to grow our market position and sustainably source labor locally and globally,” says Ronald van Schijndel, CEO Webhelp Netherlands & Suriname.

The companies’ shared culture and entrepreneurial mindset were essential drivers for the cooperation. Both Webhelp and Uitblinqers have built a culture around a people-first mindset – embracing this to tackle the fast-paced market’s challenges. The current challenges in the CX industry, be it the labor market or the rapid pace of technological developments, also generate new opportunities for collaboration. The constant urge to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit and search for new solutions lies in the companies’ combined DNA.

“This great step allows us to continue to focus on our unique culture, people and growth. After all, we’ve only just started and there’s still a lot to gain and improve in the customer experience space. The people-first match was a deciding factor. We share this focus but our focus is specifically on empowering young and talented individuals. With this clarity of purpose, we are and remain complementary to each other, serving our clients together or as separate labels and always growing together: Bigger & Better,” commented Hugo Gubbels, CEO & Founder Uitblinqers and Bas Diepeveen, Co-founder & CCO.

Together, Webhelp Netherlands and Uitblinqers will provide a solution for every question in CX, bringing the industry to new heights.

Visit Webhelp at https://webhelp.com/

Visit Uitblinqers at https://www.uitblinqers.nl/