Greg Rowe’s contact centre solution keeps customer communications and payments flowing with technology from Talkdesk and PCI Pal

UK based Greg Rowe Limited, which has designed and manufactured multi-functional kitchen taps for over 50 years, including the unique four-in-one QETTLE, has upgraded its contact centre and payment security technology to handle an increase in call and payment volumes to the company’s customer service team.

The organisation selected Talkdesk as its contact centre partner, and PCI Pal to provide an integrated, cloud-based secure payment solution, PCI Pal Agent Assist. This offers the key advantage of enabling customer service staff to carry on speaking to customers throughout a transaction, providing payment support where necessary.

Following the highly successful QETTLE launch, Greg Rowe’s call volumes significantly increased. By leveraging Talkdesk CX CloudTM and PCI Pal Agent Assist, the company can now manage the volume with ease while ensuring customers’ payment details are handled in compliance with the PCI DSS. Customers simply enter payment card information using their telephone keypad, so staff cannot see, hear or record any of the customer’s payment card details. Crucially, as an additional component of compliance with the PCI DSS, no sensitive financial details are stored within Greg Rowe’s infrastructure.

Greg Rowe’s Digital Services Manager, Alan Shurey, said, “Removing payment card data from our contact centre environment provides peace of mind as I know payments are being handled securely and meeting compliance standards. Using PCI Pal Agent Assist also gives confidence to customers who are increasingly reluctant to give out their payment card details over the phone. It’s reassuring to them that we have the processes and technology in place to protect them.”

Director of Greg Rowe Limited, Alexandra Rowe, said, “The penalties are exceptionally hard if you fall foul of PCI DSS. Not only the direct financial penalties but the potential reputational damage. Using PCI Pal Agent Assist removes the responsibility for handling payment card data from our people. The fact that we don’t touch payment card data at all gives us great confidence and reassurance.”

Robert Gavin, Talkdesk Vice President of Global Alliances and Technology Partners, adds, “The Greg Rowe brand is well known for its high product quality and exceptional customer experiences. By choosing to complement their Talkdesk CX Cloud platform with PCI Pal Agent Assist, they’re able to combine all of the contact centre capabilities Talkdesk enables with a best-in-class security application to meet the standards of excellence their customers have come to expect.”

Greg Rowe’s QETTLE is a unique kitchen tap, which is engineered to globally granted design patents, dispenses four flows of water from a single spout – 100°C boiling water, filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows. For more information, visit

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