Aircall’s App Marketplace Hits 100 Integrations

Aircall, the flexible cloud-based phone solution valued above $1bn, announced that it has surpassed 100 integrations in its App Marketplace. Aircall will continue to invest in its App Marketplace and open API to further help small and medium businesses increase their value for their customers.

As businesses are highly in demand for adaptable solutions, and with an average of more than 110 SaaS applications used by organizations worldwide in 2021 (source: Statista), Aircall’s is growing its partner base at lightning speed.

With this ongoing investment in its App Marketplace, Aircall continues to accelerate its mission: Empowering every professional to have richer conversations by building a leading ecosystem around voice and phone communications.

Aircall’s App Marketplace features top business tools like HubSpot, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce,, Shopify, and Intercom to help sales and support professionals manage incoming and outgoing calls, track conversations and metrics, and have a 360-degree overview of customer data in seconds.

“The App Marketplace is an essential part of the Aircall customer experience. It extends the value of our core product to over 100 different tools, allowing our customers to address critical business needs with voice. Between new apps, new features for our current offerings, and continuous dedication from our team, the App Marketplace is accelerating at a really incredible pace.” — Lanie Abisdris, Director of App Ecosystems, Aircall

About Aircall

Aircall is the phone system for modern businesses. An entirely cloud-based voice platform that integrates with popular productivity and help desk tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and many others, Aircall was built to make phone support easy to manage, accessible, transparent, and collaborative. Aircall believes that voice is the most powerful way to communicate with customers, prospects, candidates, and colleagues. It is designed to enable delightful moments of human connection. Aircall was founded in 2014 and has raised over $226 million in funding. With offices in New York, Paris, Sydney, Berlin, London, and Madrid, the company ’currently has over 650+ employees.