TouchPoint One Performance Management Platform Offers New Agent Coaching, Gamification, Dashboard, and QA features to strengthen virtual/hybrid customer contact teams

TouchPoint One, the leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centres, announced the spring update of its Acuity Contact Center Performance Management SaaS platform.

The release features new or enhanced agent coaching, gamification, performance dashboard, quality management, and workforce engagement capabilities.

“Lack of connection, poor communication, and goal misalignment are top challenges that TouchPoint One helps customer contact organizations overcome,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Acuity enables contact centre leadership to communicate the organization’s mission consistently, ensures that every employee understands their function and value, and facilitates continuous workforce support and engagement to maximize individual and team potential. We are pleased to announce our latest Acuity software build and further advance our clients’ CX, EX, and business performance capabilities.”

Acuity equips agents, supervisors, managers, and compliance personnel with solutions to optimize systems, data, processes, and workforce support. The latest release offers engagement, workflow, and productivity tools for work-from-home, office, and hybrid teams. The key enhancements in the spring update include:

Agent Coaching

Supervisors design, manage and execute comprehensive agent support routines using Acuity’s data-driven coaching system, Sidekick.

  • Expanded forms library and collaborative workflows – including Triad Model, SMART, Coaching Log Audit, expanded Performance Review variations, etc. Support events triggered via Acuity Compliance and Quality Monitoring systems integrate seamlessly with Sidekick to improve workforce efficiency, engagement, and productivity.
  • Supervisor Coaching – enables group managers and senior leaders to train, mentor, and support their direct reports.
  • Sidekick Scorecard – tracks, scores, and analyzes critical elements of the supervisor coaching routine to create predictive, actionable insights that maximize manager visibility, support effectiveness, and training budgets.


Versatility is essential to gamification success. TouchPoint One offers three primary gamification solutions within the Acuity performance management platform to use individually or in combinations depending on evolving vision, needs, and objectives. The key enhancements included in the latest software release include:

  • Game & Incentive Program Administration. Updated configuration and administrative system for game awards, badge design and management, award fulfillment, and credit/points redemption.
  • A-GAME Leagues. Re-styled standard and Xtreme league UIs enhance fantasy sport-style gamification user experience and improve the interaction between senior management, supervisors, and agents/CSRs.
  • A-GAME League Stats. Enhanced player stats automatically calculate Most Valuable (MVP) and Most Improved Players (MIP) and teams. Performance during regular seasons is compared against a historical baseline to identify and reward agents and teams trending most positively.

Quality Management.

TouchPoint One Quality Management solutions transform time-consuming, spreadsheet-based processes into refined digital workflows. This Acuity software release includes a new Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) module featuring digitized CAPA forms, interactive dashboards, reports, and workflows that streamline CAPA processing and help fulfill audit requirements.

Training Scorecard and Class Management System.

This new module enables admins to set up and manage new hire training and continuing education classes. The solution includes class-specific performance scorecards, customized dashboards/reports, and EX/ESAT, HR, and time-tracking data/systems integration.

Performance Dashboards.

Role-based dashboard enhancements include individual task and goal management within a redesigned UI combining Sidekick, messaging, gamification, and scorecard views.

Acuity is an advanced contact centre performance management platform that collects, generates, and synthesizes disparate systems data to fuel an integrated suite of specialized business tools. Acuity offers real-time dashboards, departmental/functional scorecards, quality monitoring, agent coaching, virtual meeting & screen share, performance review, chat & email, analytics & reporting, and multiple gamification options delivered in a cloud-based SaaS platform.

Acuity enables the digital transformation of performance management and employee engagement so that customer contact organizations can better understand their operations, improve organizational alignment, enhance both the employee and customer experience, and drive progressively enhanced financial and operational performance. Contact centre leaders choose Acuity for its documented record of fixing attrition, absenteeism, performance, and engagement challenges and reducing operational expense.

About TouchPoint One

TouchPoint One is the leading provider of performance optimization solutions for contact centres. The Company’s Acuity product is a full-featured employee engagement and performance management platform that enables improved decision making, talent development, and process execution at every operational level. TouchPoint One customer contact solutions deliver the compelling benefits of gamification, balanced scorecards, employee dashboards, and advanced performance management through innovative design and complete, functional alignment with business processes and strategies.