NEC takes on-premises phone systems to the Cloud with UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE

NEC Enterprise Solutions, global leader in Communications & IT solutions, announced the launch of UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE, an innovative solution that builds on NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE® CLOUD SERVICES and enables existing on-premises NEC phone systems to leverage the power of Cloud-based services and solutions while maintaining their existing infrastructure and investments.

Bridge to the Cloud

The launch of UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE marks the next phase in the roll-out of NEC’s highly acclaimed UNIVERGE BLUE® Cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions and is available across all NEC communications platforms.

While on-premises systems were built in an era where most work happened in the office, and voice was the primary mode of communication, today’s workforce and business environments require a more flexible and mobile workspace. UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE extends existing NEC phone systems with cloud-based voice via desktop and mobile apps creating a seamless all-in-one highly collaborative communications experience and unlocking new cloud-based applications. With CONNECT BRIDGE, existing NEC customers can migrate to the cloud at their own pace, while adding cloud-based functionality to their platforms. This transition allows users to collaborate in the office, at home, or from anywhere with integrated video conferencing, chat, file sharing and more.

Key features

CONNECT BRIDGE enables businesses to keep their existing phone system and phone numbers, while adding the tools teams need to better communicate and collaborate. In doing so, it extends the capabilities of their current NEC phone systems and protects their existing investments. The solution is easily deployed with no additional hardware to buy or software to update. When a business is ready to move fully to a Cloud-based Unified Communications solution, it can smoothly transfer entirely to the cloud with zero downtime and no interruptions to user experiences.

User-friendly apps are easy to set up and install – all that is needed is an internet connection. Users spend less time switching between apps and more time getting work done with access to team chat, video conferencing, calling, and file sharing. They stay connected with colleagues from wherever they work and can place, receive, and manage calls from their desktop or mobile device.

“UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE not only uniquely bridges both on-premises and cloud-based ICT worlds”, comments Richard Horsley, Product Manager at NEC Enterprise Solutions. “It also underpins our approach to dynamic delivery of advanced solutions and demonstrates NEC’s commitment to Channel Partners and customers to protect investments, maximize the potential of their installations, and boost customer and employee experience in today’s hybrid world.”

“As an early adopter of UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE, I find it invaluable to stay in contact throughout our site and when on the road”, said Patrick Legg, General Manager at CoCopac Limited in the UK. “It is very flexible and we even have a CONNECT BRIDGE user working through a stock scanner that acts as a telephone over Wi-Fi throughout our warehouse, which means there is only one device to carry. UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE works seamlessly with our existing on-premises phone system and has many applications. It’s a great improvement on how we operate”, Legg concludes.

Significant addition

The addition of UNIVERGE BLUE® CONNECT BRIDGE is a significant expansion to NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE® CLOUD SERVICES. As one of the broadest cloud platforms available, UNIVERGE BLUE® provides UCaaS and CCaaS solutions that enable telecommunications, collaboration, back up, security, webinars, file sharing, and more, offered as a service based on flexible licenses and monthly billing. Since its introduction in 2020, reactions by Channel Partners and customers to UNIVERGE BLUE® have been overwhelming with successful market uptake in the Americas, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

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