Forethought Launches Assist Automations, Enhancing the Agent Experience With Automated Workflows

Forethought, the human-centered AI platform, announced the launch of a new feature to its Assist product, which supports customer service agents by surfacing relevant knowledge articles, past cases and productivity-boosting tools as soon as they open a new case.

Assist Automations, an extension of Forethought’s Assist product, allows customers to streamline the agent experience with automated workflows. Whether simple or complex, agents can automate tasks by building end-to-end customer service workflows that include a mix of processes and actions.

Use cases include looking up shipping status, finding order numbers, processing refunds, reporting issues and more. Typically, agents would need to leave their help desk to locate information and then manually copy and paste the findings. This stifles productivity and increases customer wait time.

With Assist Automations, users can build automations with a few clicks. They can also use AI to make recommendations on automations for support tickets that can reduce average handle time and boost efficiency.

Some early customers have already seen value from Assist Automations and are already using it, including Sauce Labs, a SaaS company with teams of support engineers.

“At Sauce Labs, our support engineers deal with repetitive tasks and processes when resolving cases. With Assist Automations, these types of requests can be automated, enabling agents to boost productivity and solve customer issues quickly,” said Matt Dunn, Senior Director of Global Customer Support for the company.

With more companies focused on streamlining support operations, as well as growing volumes of customer support tickets, organizations are looking for an edge to delight customers and empower agents, which Assist Automations delivers.

It’s also a unique offering in the space. “The automations will help streamline the agent experience with easy implementation. Other products have similar features but require more manual work and coding. We’ve simplified it considerably,” said Mike Larsen, Assist Product Manager for Forethought.

Assist Automations connects to third-party systems like Shopify and Salesforce and allows agents who work across disparate systems to surface relevant customer information in real time and take action right within their help desk. This feature is part of a continued effort by Forethought to make it easy for agents to automate processes and reduce repetitive tasks. With this feature, customers will enjoy a convenient setup and immediately see an impact.

Assist Automations will be available with Assist at no additional cost.

Learn more about this new functionality here.


Launched in 2018, Forethought is a leading AI company providing customer service solutions that transform the customer experience. Forethought’s products enable seamless customer experiences by infusing human-centered AI at each stage of the customer support journey: resolving common cases instantly, predicting and prioritizing tickets, and assisting agents with relevant knowledge — all from one platform.