TCN Announces Performance Analytics and Reporting Enhancements for its Advanced Contact Center Platform, TCN Operator

TCN, a global provider of a comprehensive cloud-based call centre platform for enterprises, contact centres, BPOs, and collection agencies, announced enhancements to its Performance Analytics and Reporting features to empower contact centre managers to make more data-driven decisions and improve operational efficiencies.

“Basic performance reporting is standard across most contact centre platforms today, but making sure our customers can make the most out of their data has been a big priority at TCN,” said Jesse Bird, chief technology officer and co-founder of TCN. “With the enhancements, our mission is to give contact centres of all sizes the ability to create automated reports and custom dashboards that fit their exact needs to track team performance and continue to achieve operational excellence.”

Seamlessly integrated into TCN’s next-generation call centre platform, TCN Operator, the Performance Analytics and Reporting features provide call centre managers with critical, time-sensitive data and insights to make more informed decisions, predicting and preparing for the future and improving performance. With these insights, call centres can now integrate and compare data and reports across all departments in the organization.

Key benefits of TCN’s Performance Analytics and Reporting features include:

  • Performance Tracking and Analytics: Give call centre managers the ability to track agent activity and call centre operations in real-time. Provide various mission-critical insights, including conversion rates, deliverables monitoring, compliance tracking, call outcome analysis, etc.
  • Advanced Forecasting: Provide automated reports of traffic volume trends that predict future call volumes and costs to improve staffing needs and better ensure service level agreements are being met.
  • Customized Reports: Build custom reports to capture meaningful insights, leading to more informed decision-making.
  • Seamless Integration: Get up and running and start seeing results immediately with little to no downtime.

“TCN’s software has been a lifesaver. The platform has helped us improve our customer service by cutting down wait times and connecting consumers with the best available agent,” said Jeremy Feldman, director of audience development at EO Media Group. “TCN has also given us greater reporting capability, allowing us to track our agents better and adjust schedules to match call volume changes. With these insights, we can get very granular with the reporting and make decisions quickly without lost revenue or increased expenses.”

The enhancements to Performance Analytics and Reporting features are a part of the many recent enhancements to TCN Operator. Earlier this year, TCN launched Data Explorer, a robust data visualization tool, to further boost its List Management Services (LMS) application.

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About TCN

TCN is a global provider of a comprehensive, cloud-based call centre platform for enterprises, contact centres, business process outsourcing firms (BPOs) and collection agencies. Founded in 1999, TCN combines a deep understanding of the needs of call centres with a unique approach to pricing – no contracts, monthly minimums or maintenance fees – that supports rapid scaling and instant flexibility to changing business needs. TCN’s flagship platform for contact centres, TCN Operator, features a holistic set of easy-to-use, automated agent tools and advanced apps for omnichannel communications, workforce engagement, compliance & data management, integration & automation, intelligence, reporting & analytics and collaboration & accessibility. Its suite of compliance tools helps businesses meet the requirements of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other state and federal regulations, including new and updated debt collection rules issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. TCN Operator integrates seamlessly with leading APIs and is accessible to agents with visual impairments. TCN is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and enterprises of all sizes in multiple industries in many countries.

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