Consilium Launches New AI-Powered Multi-Vendor, Multi-Cloud Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)

Consilium Software, a world-leading provider of customer engagement solutions, announced the launch of a new Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) that combines interactions, management, and business intelligence (BI) into one unique platform to deliver AI and omnichannel-enabled connected digital experience for Cisco, Genesys and Amazon Connect cloud and on-premises contact centre solutions.

The management suite within CEP is focused on providing advanced provisioning methods and service automation workflows with UniCloud™, and an industry-leading outbound list and campaign management in UniCampaign™ – both of which have helped organizations reduce the human resource cost of managing underlying systems and contact strategies.

CEP’s interactions suite is about delivering a digital-first customer experience across voice and digital channels, combined with AI and video technology using UniAgent™, UniContext™, UniVCX™, and UniCh.AI™.

And finally, the intelligence suite provides recording, quality management (QM), monitoring and coaching combined with powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to gain unique insight into contact centre performance with UniQM™, UniRSM™, UniDashboard™, and UniInsight™.

CEP is now live, with products offered for sale through Cisco SolutionsPlus, Genesys AppFoundry, Salesforce AppExchange and Oracle Cloud Marketplace, as well as through Consilium’s network of nearly 200 channel partners in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia Pacific regions. Consilium’s new multi-cloud architectures have allowed combining vendors’ cloud CX products with Consilium’s public cloud hosted SaaS products (two or more public clouds), two or more private clouds, or a combination of public, private and on-premise hosting.

“Our products have been proven time and again in the value they deliver to clients in complementing the industry’s leading CX and CRM vendors’ solutions. With the Customer Engagement Platform we provide all the tools to enable customers and employees to have smarter, faster conversational engagement with complete history and context augmented by AI, significantly reduce management time, and improve insight into the omnichannel customer journey,” said Pramod Ratwani, Founder and CEO of Consilium Software.

About Consilium Software

Founded in 2007 in Singapore, Consilium Software and our Uni™ digital customer engagement platform have helped over 2,000 companies in more than 120 countries connect their employees with customers. Our choice of cloud-based and on-premise software powers 5 billion-plus interactions each year, simplifying the management of voice, video and digital channels. Our solutions go beyond omni-channel to merge the contact centre and CRM, creating fluid experiences with artificial intelligence (AI), bots and Robotic Process Automation (RPA.)

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