CallMiner Appoints Jonathan Ranger as Chief Customer Officer

CallMiner, the leading provider of conversation intelligence to drive business improvement, announced that Jonathan Ranger has joined the company as Chief Customer Officer (CCO).

At CallMiner, Ranger will focus on accelerating the company’s customer success strategy and goals, including improving customer implementation, retention and growth initiatives. Ranger and his team will continue to drive the business results that customers expect from the CallMiner platform, while identifying and executing on areas of expanded value and return on investment.

“JR’s impressive industry experience, leadership ability and customer success prowess are the right ingredients to help CallMiner’s customers take full advantage of our technology,” said Paul Bernard, President and CEO of CallMiner. “I know that his proven approach and commitment to teamwork will be what helps take CallMiner to the next stage of our growth. I’m pleased to welcome him to the CallMiner executive team.”

Ranger joins CallMiner from Salesforce, which he joined after Salesforce acquired Evergage. As CCO at Evergage, JR led a team committed to helping organizations create relevant real-time customer experiences. Prior, he served as CCO at Kampyle (acquired by Medallia and now Medallia Digital) and as VP of customer success and professional services at LivePerson.

“Customer success is in CallMiner’s DNA. The company has always placed great importance on helping organizations leverage our industry-leading platform to understand their customers and drive better experiences.” said Ranger. “By combining that technology leadership with an impressive team of professionals, we have the opportunity to better align with our customers’ business strategies and drive transformational results. I look forward to delivering on this opportunity.”

About CallMiner

CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence to drive business performance improvement. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, CallMiner delivers the industry’s most comprehensive platform to analyze omnichannel customer interactions at scale, allowing organizations to interpret sentiment and identify patterns to reveal deep understanding from every conversation. By connecting the dots between insights and action, CallMiner enables companies to identify areas of opportunity to drive business improvement, growth and transformational change more effectively than ever before. CallMiner is trusted by the world’s leading organizations across retail, financial services, healthcare and insurance, travel and hospitality, and more.

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