Global Healthcare Tech Company Transforms Customer Experience with Groundbreaking IVR Solution

A leading global healthcare technology company with a global team of +90,000 employees across 150 countries has made significant strides in transforming the operations and service level of its Cardiovascular Patient Technical Services Group.

Patients calling for urgent support and information relating to cardiovascular health have been provided with major improvements in customer service, ensuring their calls are answered faster and with greater accuracy. A critical improvement for those requiring emergency support.

By adopting technology that provides better solutions for patients, the company has also saved $6 million, reduced call handling expenses by 20%, and handled over 1.05 million calls since the implementation of the OpenQuestion IVR solution from Artificial Solutions.

The solutions has saved +36,000 of call agent hours, increased customer satisfaction by 8%, reduced wait time by 37% and improved service level by 18%.

The Service Delivery Manager of the Virtual Assistant as a Service (VAaaS) division commented on the project’s success:

“There was a clear requirement to improve the performance of the Cardiovascular contact centres and to provide a greater level of service for people calling for help. We wanted to take an approach that was both innovative yet simple to manage, while driving improvements for patients, clinicians as well as our internal agents. With Teneo and OpenQuestion, we were able to achieve better results than we could have imagined, and we’re thrilled with the performance of the IVR solution.”

The healthcare tech company continues to focus on customer-oriented improvements and has ambitious plans to further enhance its service levels and patient outcomes through innovative approaches.

For more information about the company and their case study, visit Global Healthcare Tech Company.

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