Amdocs Launches amAIz, a Cutting-Edge Enterprise-Grade Generative AI Framework, Set to Propel the Telecom Industry into the Gen AI era

Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, announced Amdocs amAIz, a pioneering telco generative AI framework.

Amdocs amAIz combines carrier-grade architecture leveraging open-source technology with large language AI models, creating a foundation for global communications service providers, enabling them to benefit from the immense potential of generative AI. This follows a recently announced strategic partnership expansion with Microsoft and the joint creation of the AI-infused Customer Engagement Platform.

Open and agnostic by design, Amdocs amAIz delivers both templated use cases based on deep industry expertise and perspective, as well as tooling and infrastructure that can be quickly adopted to accelerate time to market, improve operational efficiencies, and increase quality of service through generative AI-powered experiences. Amdocs amAIz addresses the telecom industry-specific challenges of security, data privacy, scalability, and the complexity of data governance, as well as the intentional focus on a telco-specific taxonomy.

Integrated across the entire Amdocs portfolio, featured use cases span consumer and business domains, including:

  • Amdocs Customer Engagement Platform – creation of network-aware solution proposal and architectural configuration, based on natural language and customer context inputs
  • Amdocs Catalog – generation of new consumer service offers based on demographic segmentation, pricing sensitivity and associated propensity to purchase
  • Amdocs Intelligent Networking Suite – service design acceleration with enhanced, context-aware network function and service availability and solution generation capabilities
  • Amdocs Smart Operations – augmentation of expert capabilities with access to real-time experience data to accelerate decision-making, and achieve zero-touch operations
  • Amdocs Cloud Services – rapid design and commissioning of cloud environments and optimization of consumption FinOps models

Leveraging Amdocs’ telco-specific expertise, OpenAI and the industry’s most advanced open tools and technologies, the Amdocs amAIz framework will empower CSPs to deploy generative AI use cases across the telecom ecosystem, from customer experience to network provisioning. At the same time, Amdocs amAIz will revolutionize a service provider’s ability to explore, assist, generate, and recommend activities across the entire customer and operations lifecycle, and deliver increased efficiencies and productivity.

Earlier this year, Amdocs announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Microsoft, and the joint creation of a new Customer Engagement Platform. This unique pre-integrated and telco-verticalized platform leverages the full power of the Microsoft Cloud, including intelligent collaborative business applications, sales, customer service and customer insights, an embedded natural language and AI low-code platform, and generative AI experiences. The Amdocs amAIz framework marks an important step towards the opportunity of capitalizing on market-leading generative AI capabilities, such as those resulting from this partnership.

Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, Amdocs, said: “Generative AI technology presents a tremendous opportunity for service providers to re-invent both the way they engage with customers, as well as driving efficiencies. Our investment in the amAIz framework reflects our belief in generative AI’s promise and the need for enterprise-grade security, reliability and performance.”

About Amdocs

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