Hammer and Servion Announce Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Deployment of End-to-end CX Assurance for Omnichannel Contact Centres

Hammer, the leading global provider of end-to-end contact centre testing and CX assurance solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Servion, a leading contact centre and CX solutions provider, to speed up the deployment of superior solutions that address the complexity of modern contact centre environments.

The strategic partnership means that Servion’s customers can now choose from a range of Hammer automated testing solutions for on-premises, hybrid, cloud-based, and WebRTC contact centre environments, providing visibility into each step of the customer journey and accelerating service innovations while reducing risk.

Hammer and Servion’s product engineering teams will also collaborate to develop AI-powered automated testing solutions to address the ever-increasing complexity of modern contact centres, which depend upon the interoperability of multiple platforms and systems to deliver seamless omnichannel journeys:

Agent Experience – Successful customer journeys depend upon both the customer experience and the agent’s desktop experience, yet testing is often limited to the customer connection. Hammer’s testing capability goes further, with virtual agents for all leading global contact centre vendors enabling users to not only validate the connection, but also verify the customer journey routes to the expected agent, with the correct CTI data, within the anticipated timeframe.

WebRTC – Hammer is the only vendor that supports all of the leading CCaaS vendors taking a webRTC-first approach. WebRTC deployments require a close focus on network performance and systems integration to ensure optimal customer experience. Hammer’s testing capability will pinpoint degradation of internet bandwidth that could impact voice and video quality and detect misconfiguration or congestion on enterprise routers, VPN concentrators, and networks that could lead to dropped calls and other issues.

SMS Testing – Enterprises are taking advantage of the widespread adoption of SMS as a preferred method of communication by implementing “visual IVR” functionality within SMS to make it a more sophisticated 2-way communication medium while increasing containment and reducing agent costs. The increased importance of this digital channel requires modern contact centres to ensure SMS messages reach their destination within a timely manner. Hammer supports bi-directional SMS user journey automation for short-code and long-code phone numbers.

Chatbots and Conversational AI – Chatbot adoption has become commonplace across most large Enterprises and often serves as the launch point for many customer journeys due to its upfront website integration. Introducing AI-enabled bots such as ChatGPT will accelerate this adoption and allow for more sophisticated and human-like customer interactions, further enabling organizations to control containment and agent costs. Hammer’s capability to support chatbot, SMS, and voice user journeys both individually (multichannel) and sequentially or concurrently (omnichannel) ensures customers are well-positioned to keep pace with the next-generation contact centre technology.

John D’Anna, President, Hammer “The pace of change within the contact centre industry is unprecedented, and more importantly, the behaviours and expectations in terms of quality of experience for consumers and agents have evolved so drastically. It is all the more important for us to invest and deliver innovative solutions to fuel growth and success for Hammer. Servion understands the contact centre industry well, and its digital engineering practice is well-positioned for mutual success. I am sure this partnership will enrich our customer experience and product quality.”

Eric Wildermuth, President – Sales, Servion, said, “We are delighted to have been selected as the Product Engineering partner to help Hammer, the leading contact centre testing and CX assurance solutions provider. Our digital engineering practice at Servion has the experience to seamlessly manage projects from strategy through execution for some of the leading contact centre technology providers. As a result, our contact centre expertise and global delivery model help deliver cost-effective and innovative products for our clients.”

About Hammer

The largest contact centres worldwide rely on Hammer and its proven technology to guarantee optimal customer experience and business outcomes. Hammer ensures its clients deliver high-quality communications across voice, IVR, and digital channels through automated end-to-end testing and assurance solutions that mimic real-world citizen and customer engagement., As a result, Hammer’s technologies play a pivotal role in ensuring excellence in day-to-day operation of more than 250 large enterprises, including 6 of the top 10 global banks, 8 of the top 10 global healthcare organizations, and 7 of the top 10 largest insurance companies.

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About Servion

For more than 25 years, Servion has been trusted by customer-centric brands for architecting, implementing, and managing Contact Centres and Customer Experience (CX) solutions. Servion delivers complete solutions for businesses to innovate in providing digital experiences using the best available technologies while maximizing their existing investments. Our 1,100 CX professionals apply their passion and deep domain expertise to the entire build-run-optimize solution lifecycle. Servion has helped 600 enterprises worldwide deliver great experiences to their customers, partners, and employees.

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