Intradiem Partners With Thrive Global to Support Call Centre Agent Wellness

Intradiem, the leading provider of contact centre automation solutions, has partnered with Thrive Global to deliver stress releasing wellness Reset sessions to contact centre agents in real time.

Work-related stress among customer service agents is unavoidable, but cumulative stress is preventable. More than three-fourths of call centre agents report high or very-high stress levels—driven by high call volume, demanding customers, and complex internal processes. Accumulated stress leads to burnout and contributes to attrition rates nearly double those of other occupations.

Intradiem’s collaboration with Thrive Global is consistent with its people-first commitment to technology in the service of human workers. The company’s recently-announced Burnout and Attrition Indicator provides organizations with a one-of-a-kind ability to identify contact centre agents at risk of burnout and intervene to avoid costly attrition. The Intradiem solution predicts churn with 80% accuracy.

Thrive Global’s behavior-change product suite helps individuals, companies, and communities improve well-being and performance while debunking the myth that burnout is the inevitable price of success. Neuroscience studies demonstrate that brief, focused pauses help reduce stress and enhance performance. Embedded into employee workflows, Thrive’s 60-second Resets deliver calming visuals along with audio and breathing prompts to help agents recharge and combat cumulative stress.

“This partnership is a natural fit for our two companies, and I’m so excited about the concrete impact we can have on workers in contact centres and other stressful work environments,” said Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global. “When stress builds up and becomes cumulative, performance and productivity suffer, but Resets help employees stay calm, focused, and productive. Intradiem’s real-time technology provides direct and efficient delivery of Thrive Resets when and where they’re needed most.”

“Intradiem shares Thrive Global’s deep commitment to employee well-being, as well as a conviction that wellness is directly and positively correlated with performance,” said Jennifer Lee, Intradiem’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “The science-based implications of a balanced, healthy work environment are clear, and we’re proud to combine our unique, real-time technology with Thrive’s innovative approach to reducing employee stress.”

About Intradiem

Intradiem believes technology should be used to empower workers, not replace them. Our patented, AI-powered contact centre automation technology integrates with WFM, ACD, and other systems and processes their data output in real time, revealing unused capacity that can be redirected to its most productive use. Through real-time monitoring of schedules, call volume and workflow, Intradiem delivers unprecedented call-handling support and identifies opportunities to deliver breaks, training, and other time-sensitive tasks within the flow of actual conditions. We help contact centres boost operating efficiency, enhance agent engagement, and improve end-customer experiences while delivering concrete savings and same-year investment return.


About Thrive Global

Thrive Global is a leading behaviour change technology company founded by Arianna Huffington in 2016 with the mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic. Thrive helps individuals and organizations improve well-being, performance and mental resilience with its AI-powered behaviour change technology platform. Thrive’s Microsteps – small, science-backed steps to improve health and productivity – have been adopted by employees at more than 125 organizations in over 140 countries, from frontline and call centre workers to executives at multinational companies. Thrive Global is headquartered in New York City and has talent hubs in Boston, Dublin and San Francisco.

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