Ada Introduces Generative Actions

Ada, the world’s leading AI-native customer service automation company, introduces Ada Generative Actions, a product that leverages ground-breaking generative AI technology to resolve increasingly complex customer inquiries (those that would have required an agent to use multiple business systems).

With Generative Actions, companies can quickly build third-party integrations using plain language, without code, enabling safe and reliable automated responses to customer inquiries based on multiple sources of information. With this advancement, Ada is creating a white-glove customer experience for the end user, while making it possible for companies to resolve the greatest number of support inquiries with the least amount of effort.

“We found that more than half of Ada’s automated customer service conversations, especially in fintech, media and travel, required at least one personalized action to resolve an issue for the customer,” said Mike Murchison, CEO and Co-founder, Ada. “The generative AI technology underpinning Ada’s new Generative Actions will allow companies to finally escape the limitations of scripted chatbots and actually resolve unique customer issues with real action.”

In the month of June 2023 alone, Ada serviced more than 16.5 million automated customer service conversations across channels and found that 59% (or 9.8 million) contained at least one question that required more personalized action. Examples of such action-based requests can include booking an alternative flight or looking up an order status— rather than a question-based inquiry like asking for store hours, company policies, or other FAQs.

A sample conversation might look like this:

Customer: “I’m running late for flight ADA7190, am I going to make it?”

Chatbot: “Your flight’s departure is delayed 45 minutes. If you don’t make it, the next flight with seats is leaving at 12:15pm EST. Let me know if you would like me to book you on the later flight.”

Comparatively, a typical chatbot might send the customer an article on how to rebook their flight, rather than search for logical solutions to the problem and take actionable steps to resolve the issue.

Ada’s Generative Actions technology can pull data from trusted business systems such as a CRM or order management system, for example, to personalize its response and take action to assist the customer. In fact, with Generative Actions, Ada anticipates chatbots will outperform a human agent in terms of speed and accuracy.

Built to be as effortless as possible, Ada’s Generative Actions allows bot managers to set up a new codeless integration in less than five minutes, adding in plain English what information can be retrieved and when the bot should use it. Generative Actions effectively brings Ada one step closer to realizing a world where every customer inquiry is resolved with AI.

Learn more about Generative Actions at Ada’s Interact Conference in San Francisco November 14-15th, 2023 and enjoy interactive keynotes on the future of AI‑first customer service, hands-on workshops with the latest in AI-powered CX technology, and exclusive networking events with leaders innovating automation solutions.

About Ada

Ada is an AI-powered customer service automation platform on a mission to make customer service extraordinary for everyone. Ada makes it easy for businesses to automatically resolve the greatest number of customer service conversations — across channels and languages — with the least amount of effort. Since 2016, Ada has powered more than 4 billion automated customer interactions for brands like Meta, Verizon, AirAsia, Yeti, and Square. Born in Toronto, Ada serves companies and their customers worldwide.

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