SurveyMonkey Adds MaxDiff Analysis for a Quick and Accurate Way to Capture Best-to-Worst Rankings

SurveyMonkey, a global leader in online surveys and forms, announced the availability of MaxDiff Analysis for SurveyMonkey users.

The new offering leverages the industry standard for creating a Best-Worst scaling process, providing a quick and accurate way to collect respondent preferences on different items, from product features to marketing messages to employee benefits and more. The solution is available at no additional cost for SurveyMonkey customers on Advantage or higher plans, and can be used in conjunction with SurveyMonkey Audience for market research.

The SurveyMonkey MaxDiff Analysis solution works by presenting survey respondents with a random subset of attributes to evaluate. Respondents pick the most and least important item from the list based on personal preference. The survey creator is then given a list of rank-ordered preferences to quickly see what features the respondents as a whole value the most and the least. This enables users to easily identify which attributes should be prioritized to maximize audience satisfaction. The solution gives users the ability to prioritize the right product features, discover which marketing messages resonate, learn what benefits employees truly want, and more.

Features of the SurveyMonkey MaxDiff solution include:

  • In-product guidance for setup and analysis to enable anyone to perform MaxDiff studies without requiring external support
  • A seamless integration with SurveyMonkey Audience to help users find respondents who fit their targeting criteria for market research
  • Methodologically-backed experimental designs automatically built into the solution and help reduce bias in survey creation to generate more accurate, insightful feedback
  • Shorter MaxDiff questions to reduce respondent fatigue, making selections easier for respondents and resulting in a better survey-taking experience and higher completion rate
  • Expert MaxDiff analysis features and exports, including Counts analysis to surface patterns in what respondents choose, and Empirical Bayes analysis to calculate preferences at both the feature and respondent levels. These capabilities allow users to generate accurate, actionable insights without requiring time-intensive, manual analysis

“Businesses increasingly feel pressure to focus investments in areas that will have the highest impact on the bottom line,” said Samuel Bakouch, senior vice president of product management at SurveyMonkey. “We’re excited to introduce the SurveyMonkey MaxDiff solution, which empowers our users to focus on what matters most to their target audiences—and run this type of analysis faster, more frequently, and at a lower cost.”

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