Talkdesk Launches New Generative AI Features

Talkdesk® announced significant product updates that deepen the integration of generative AI (GenAI) within its flagship Talkdesk CX Cloud platform and Industry Experience Clouds.

Now, companies across industries can easily deploy, monitor, and fine-tune GenAI in the contact centre with no coding experience, eliminate inaccurate and irresponsible AI use and subsequent brand risk, and create a powerful personalized experience for customers.

GenAI offers enterprises a variety of benefits across all business operations. In fact, a recent report from McKinsey found that applying GenAI to customer care functions could increase productivity by 30-45%, in addition to benefits created by ripple effects the technology may have on customer satisfaction and retention arising from an improved experience. However, GenAI within business is not without its challenges. According to a KPMG report, 92% of those surveyed said GenAI implementation introduces moderate to high-risk concerns, with liability (46%) and bias and accuracy (42%) within the top five threats.

Unlike most providers in the market, Talkdesk has ensured that GenAI features span its entire platform to allow enterprises to benefit from leveraging AI throughout every stage of the customer journey, while simultaneously ensuring accuracy and responsibility. As a result, enterprises can immediately and safely benefit from the value GenAI brings to improving customer service, including:

  • Making agents even more efficient and effective with real-time generative knowledge and automatic interaction summaries that can reduce after call work by up to 66% and average handle time by up to 15% (product features: Automatic Summary and Generative Knowledge Retrieval)
  • Improving loyalty and satisfaction by automatically identifying topic and sentiment trends—including unknown unknowns—across every customer conversation with no setup required. This enables brands to transition from a reactive to proactive state, and make impactful changes faster. (product features: Automatic Topic Discovery)
  • Reducing the cost of delivering great customer experiences by making it possible to automate self-service of a wider range of more complex customer conversations in a few steps. GenAI eliminates the need for conversation design and dynamically generates dialog creating a human-like experience with laser-precise responses. (product features: Process-Based Virtual Agent and Generative Knowledge Retrieval)
  • Empowering enterprises to leverage AI safely and effectively with powerful no-code tools to identify biases and inaccuracies, create guardrails and simulate results, keeping humans in the loop to prevent any potential harm or discrimination (product features: Data Augmentation, GenAI Observability Dashboard, and GenAI Fine-tuning & Simulation)

Talkdesk has been a pioneer in contact center AI since 2018, and these latest product enhancements advance the company’s leadership in GenAI. Earlier this year, Talkdesk announced Automatic Summary, a feature to its Agent Assist product whereby GenAI significantly reduces after-call agent work to two seconds or less by automatically summarizing conversations between customers and agents. Enterprises have also benefited from Talkdesk Virtual Agent and AI Trainer, a no-code AI model training tool for better automation using human-in-the-loop technology.

Ken Cohen, senior vice president of sales, executive business development, and revenue growth at JK Moving, North America’s largest independent moving company, commented: “Talkdesk has helped us use cutting-edge AI to transform our business. We’ve infused AI throughout the customer journey because, as a revenue-generating contact centre, driving tangible results that improve the bottom line is non-negotiable. With the introduction of GenAI, we’ve taken our quality of service and operational efficiency a massive step further: our handle times have significantly decreased, and repeat business for our inside sales team has increased by 55%. What really stands out is Talkdesk’s commitment to delivering responsible AI. Built-in visibility and guardrails that I can control, without needing a team of data scientists, is a game-changer.”

Jennifer Lundberg, vice president of technology enablement at Humach, a single source customer support outsourcing company, said: “By digitally deflecting 80,000 calls (38%) to a digital virtual agent and 85,600 calls (37%) to a voice virtual agent, we’ve significantly improved operational efficiency. Now, with the integration of GenAI, our virtual agent is even more effective, delivering real-time, laser-precise answers. This has elevated the overall customer experience, making automated interactions exceptionally smooth and natural.”

Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer and founder of Talkdesk, said: “About a year after its debut, GenAI significantly builds upon the benefits of artificial intelligence and has already proven to be a powerful tool for businesses. But as more enterprises deploy GenAI within business functions, it’s clear that more work needs to be done to ensure accuracy, responsibility, and accessibility of the technology. At Talkdesk, we’re taking a stand in the CCaaS industry to ensure that GenAI within the contact centre does no harm to the business or its customers, provides the right level of personalized experiences across the customer journey, and gives more businesses access to its benefits.”

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