Genesys Cloud Flies High with Record Sales and 70% YOY Annual Revenue Growth

Genesys®, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, reports 70% of new customers selected cloud offerings from Genesys in the first six months of 2019.

Fast adoption of the company’s next-generation customer experience platform, Genesys Cloud, is the engine driving the rapid growth. Organizations of all sizes around the world including Alberta Motor Association, JPIMedia,, Lowell Group, Western Governors University and Whirlpool Corporation, are turning to Genesys Cloud for its resiliency, security and rapid innovation. In fact, Genesys Cloud revenue has increased 70% year over year (YOY), and sales continue a steady climb upward, growing 112% compared to the same quarter last year.

The strong progress of the Genesys Cloud platform extends across its SaaS product suite, which includes Genesys PureCloud. The success of PureCloud is particularly notable, as the solution has continued its triple digit revenue growth every year since its launch in 2015. In the first half of 2019, PureCloud revenue increased nearly 110% YOY.

“We’ve reached a tipping point where the vast majority of new customers are choosing our flagship cloud offer,” said Genesys CEO Tony Bates. “Genesys Cloud is the platform to help both new and existing customers deliver the experiences consumers demand as the new era of personalization continues to change the landscape. We’ll meet organizations wherever they are in their march to the cloud to help them successfully manage every moment with their most important asset: their customers.”

Grabbing market share with Genesys Cloud

With its prescriptive approach and proven use cases, a driving force behind this remarkable momentum is the Genesys PureBridge offer. In the first half of this year alone, sales from Avaya displacements have risen by 143% compared with the same period last year, propelling Genesys Cloud growth.

Companies that have moved to Genesys offerings are realizing tremendous returns, as noted in a recent report from Nemertes Research. The global research-advisory and consulting firm surveyed several companies that moved from legacy, on-premises solutions to Genesys customer experience technology – with 70% using the Genesys Cloud platform. The report identified common benefits including quick implementation times, scalability in global expansion, increased sales and rapid availability of new features. Other Genesys implementation outcomes include:

  • 31% decrease in operational costs
  • 23% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • 13% reduction in Call Handle Time (CHT)
  • 6% increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores

About Genesys Cloud

Genesys Cloud is the customer experience platform that delivers rapid innovation across the Genesys suite. It provides businesses with a fast, easy way to connect and optimize customer and employee journeys across any channel — all through a single technology platform and provider. Genesys Cloud serves as the foundation for the company’s two SaaS products, Genesys PureCloud and PureEngage. On-premises customers using PureEngage and PureConnect can also consume new capabilities released via the Genesys Cloud. With hundreds of integrations and open API’s, Genesys Cloud is simple to build on top of, customize and extend.

About Genesys

Genesys® powers more than 25 billion of the world’s best customer experiences each year. Our success comes from connecting employee and customer conversations on any channel. Every day, 11,000 companies in more than 100 countries trust our #1 customer experience platform to drive great business outcomes and create lasting relationships. Combining the best of technology and human ingenuity, we build solutions that mirror natural communication and work the way you think. Our industry-leading solutions foster true omnichannel engagement because they perform equally well across channels, on-premise and in the cloud. Experience communication as it should be: fluid, instinctive and profoundly empowering. Visit