Artificial Solutions and Vonage Partner to Deliver Closer Integration

Artificial Solutions® the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Vonage and introduced a new connector that integrates Teneo® into Vonage’s API Platform.

Teneo customers can now deploy their conversational AI applications into new channels by leveraging the Vonage API Platform (CPaaS – Communications Platforms as a Service) technology, which makes it easier to manage multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Voice or SMS from a single platform.

“Communications into the next decade needs to be more flexible, intelligent and personal,” says Mark Summerson, VP Partners at Vonage. “Working with Artificial Solutions enables us to offer our customers access to advanced conversational AI technology and easily incorporate it into their existing communications platforms.”

Using Teneo, Artificial Solutions’ conversational AI development platform, Vonage customers can automate their agent-based live chats and take their support channels to the next level, streamlining operations, while offering a personalized human-like interaction and extending the service to 365 and 24/7.

“Vonage has an enviable reputation in the CPaaS marketplace and we’re delighted to be working with the company to extend the channel capabilities of Teneo on a consolidated cloud communications platform,” says Robert Wilson Fry, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships of Artificial Solutions. “This partnership follows the announcement last month of Teneo Connectors, a new resource in our conversational AI development platform that allows chatbots to harness the power of back-office technology to deliver even greater intelligence and capabilities.”

With Teneo Connectors, enterprises can easily integrate a wide variety of back-end systems and processes into their conversational AI interface using a pre-built library of intelligent connectors that span a range of business and AI assets including RPA (robotic process automation) and CPaaS. This expands the chatbot’s capabilities and enables it to deliver more intelligent responses based on the back-end actions, requests and processes it has executed.

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