Euroconsumers to Enhance Customer Experience with Vonage

Vonage announced that Euroconsumers, a cluster of consumer organizations, via its Test-Achats subsidiary, has selected Vonage’s contact centre solution to better serve its customer-base by delivering exceptional experiences.

Gathering five national consumer organizations and giving voice to more than 1.5 million people, Euroconsumers is a leading consumer cluster in terms of innovative information, personalized services and defense of consumers’ rights.

The Euroconsumers cluster wanted to deliver a superior customer experience, while strengthening its performance and operational efficiencies. It selected Vonage’s cloud contact centre solution for its Salesforce integration, omnichannel routing and reporting capabilities, together with its call quality and scalability.

Built from a true cloud environment, Vonage’s solution integrates all communications channels without expensive, disruptive hardware changes and plugs straight into a business’s CRM platform. Salesforce integration is central to the solution, enabling organizations like those bound to Euroconsumers to create experiences that help them serve their customers better.

Vincent Fraselle, director at Euroconsumers, comments, “We wanted to raise the bar on the customer experience we offer our valued subscribers and are pleased to have chosen Vonage as our partner in making this transformation. Implementing Vonage’s cloud contact center solution across our business will enable our legal advisors to improve the quality of each call they have, while also refining our business processes.”

Mário Saraiva, Group CIO at Euroconsumers, comments, “We wanted a cloud-based contact centre solution that integrates well with Salesforce. Vonage offers exactly this. It fits perfectly in our strategy to go for market standard solutions that require little integration effort and that are cloud native.”

The cluster’s 500+ legal advisors will now benefit from immediate access to a subscriber’s entire history of interactions, and with Vonage’s fully-integrated omnichannel experience, it can deliver a consistent customer experience across Salesforce digital channels and the contact centre. Euroconsumers’s organizations can route voice and interactions through email, chat, SMS, video and social channels in an integrated and unified manner, uniformly empowering digital and voice agents, optimizing resources and improving management of KPIs across customer interaction channels. The organizations can therefore provide a rich, consistent and integrated experience, irrespective of the channel chosen by their customers, and without switching to a third-party solution.

Vonage’s dynamic routing capabilities can also help optimize performance by identifying callers who have previously sought advice and routing them directly to the most appropriate advisor – further improving handling time and customer satisfaction. All advisors can log into the same system wherever they are. The only thing needed is a phone and internet connection, meaning they can work from multiple locations.

Paul Turner, VP Benelux and Nordics at Vonage, adds, “Vonage is pleased to have been chosen as an important partner of the Euroconsumers cluster as it seeks to compete on customer experience, while benefiting from complete flexibility and scalability. Our cloud contact centre solution integrates effectively with Salesforce, giving the Euroconsumers organizations better access to rich customer data, from which their legal advisers can make personal connections through every channel.”

Comways, the current systems’ integrator of Euroconsumers, was selected for the implementation of its new contact centre solution across Belgium, Italy, Spain and Portugal. David Azoulay, Comways’ managing director, comments, “We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Vonage and Salesforce for this important project, which will certainly serve as a model for how organizations can upgrade their capacity to better interact with their end customers.”

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