Ada Transforming Customer Service Industry with Disruptive Automation-First Strategy

Ada, the market leader for Automated Customer Experience (ACX), is disrupting the customer service sector with a fundamentally new approach that brings an automation first strategy to drive cost savings and improved CSAT.

Ada replicates manual behavior with machine learning freeing up expensive agents to pursue more meaningful, urgent tasks on behalf of customers. With Ada’s transformative approach to customer service, businesses are evolving their customer service departments from cost centres into profit centres.

“Air Asia is a great example of the power of Ada’s automation first strategy. They fly 100 million passengers per year and used to struggle with customer support wait times of more than one hour. Within 30 days of launching Ada, the wait time for customers is now less than one minute. AirAsia is now generating millions in annual revenues because they’ve automated meal plan purchases, ticket changes and more,” said Mike Murchison, Ada co-founder and CEO.

Increased Market Penetration and Sky-Rocketing Customer Satisfaction

This year, Ada continued to enable digital transformation for some of the world’s largest enterprises, automating more than 100,000 inquiries every day. New logos added to the Ada family include Digicel, Zoom, Airfox, Shapermint, Marley Spoon, and The Boston Globe. Existing Ada customers like AirAsia and Telus also expanded their engagement to meet the support needs of a growing customer base.

With a customer retention rate of nearly 100%, Ada far exceeds key industry benchmarks and many competitors in this area. Customer satisfaction scores reached record highs this year with the latest NPS of +54.5 and 90% of customers indicating that Ada is extremely easy to use.

“We chose to work with Ada because we didn’t want to use chatbots as a deflection tool. We wanted to IMPROVE the customer experience. Ada has allowed us to incorporate industry best practices and adapt to unpredictable user behaviors. Our customers are happy, and our agents are more satisfied because they get to spend more time building relationships with customers and solving more challenging and meaningful questions,” said Joe Wang, Upwork’s Senior Director of Customer Experience.

Enhanced Product Features to Support Personalization and Machine Learning

Ada’s AI-powered chatbot set the standard for market innovation, driving advanced levels of automation. Ada customers can fully automate (on average) 7 out of every 10 conversations, nearly double the results of a year prior.

In 2019, Ada released several new industry-leading capabilities including Ada Glass which improves escalation from chatbot to live chat by creating a seamless experience for both the chatter and agent. Predictive Suggestions leverages AI and NLU to proactively provide chatters relevant answers before they even complete typing.

Additional enhancements in 2019 provide a more personalized experience by segmenting users, performing account specific tasks and expanding beyond the traditional customer support use cases.

Ada’s improved Analytics and Reporting allows clients to pinpoint exactly where attention is needed to improve the customer experience. Additionally, Ada’s AI was benchmarked against leading AI vendors like IBM Watson, Google DialogFlow, Wit and Rasa, outperforming them all by 14% on average.

Industry Recognition from the World’s Leading Analysts

In 2019, Ada was included in Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: Virtual Assistant Platforms, Worldwide and recognized as one of the leading vendors leveraging linguistics, machine learning, and knowledge programming to create conversational user experiences. Ada was chosen as one of five vendors out of thousands of competitors in this highly fragmented and competitive space.

Ada was also recognized as a Leader by G2 in the Chatbot Software Category. As the world’s leading review site for business solutions, G2 Research scores vendors based on Market Presence and Satisfaction collected from verified reviews from real users.

This market validation is indicative of the integral value of adopting an automation-first strategy to increase efficiency and improve human resource dependent customer support strategies.

“It’s been a tremendous year for Ada,” continued Murchison, “we have grown our customer base and broadened our market influence. While we celebrate that success, it also encourages us to continue driving our vision for Automated Customer Experience (ACX) deeper into the market. Our proven ability to grow customer satisfaction by reducing wait times, improving support quality and providing personalized experiences will undoubtedly make Ada the solution of choice for large enterprises.”

About Ada

As the market leader in Automated Customer Service (ACX), Ada is the only chatbot platform purpose-built to support an automation-first customer service strategy.

By diminishing dependence on IT and uncovering new opportunities for revenue, Ada’s automation is designed to transform the support model from a cost centre to profit centre. Headquartered in Toronto, Ada enables clients around the world, like TELUS, AirAsia, and UpWork, to put automation and AI at the front end of their customer service strategy, thereby freeing live support agents to have greater impact.