The Dining Club Group Inducts Cevitr’s RPA Based Digital Workforce to Transform Customer Service Operations

Cevitr, a UK based company, announced a partnership with The Dining Club Group (The DCG), the largest dining club in the world comprising of tastecard, gourmet society and hi-life, to digitally empower their Customer Services Team by automating key processes for faster and accurate processing of repetitive tasks.

Cevitr enables businesses to adopt a subscription based Digital Workforce using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.

To keep ahead in innovation and remain competitive in the marketplace The DCG singled out Cevitr’s RPA solution to expedite two key operational processes; their new membership creation process from third party providers and their billing agreement cancellation processes.

The DCG work with corporate partners who offer a dining club membership from the DCG portfolio to their staff which drives retention, as well as to customers to increase loyalty and increase sales. Historically, these new memberships from third party partners were created by Customer Services invoking certain systems.

Cevitr was able to automate this process in multiple internal systems with a process that involves auto invocation, upload and verification with a very clear audit trail of activities and exception handling incorporated. Similarly, end user billing agreement cancellations, encompassing various scenarios is automated on multiple DCG systems.

Along with performing validations and handling exceptions, the speed of handling the data has enabled Cevitr to clear the backlog of pending transactions. By entrusting these processes to a Digital Workmate, which runs over night, The DCG have gained significant time savings, increased accuracy of processing and cost savings. Additionally,

The DCG has empowered their Customer Services Team to focus on more customer-facing initiatives; adding intangible benefits of employee satisfaction by minimising repetitive and boring tasks, thereby letting employees focus on more challenging tasks.

Samantha Scott, Group Operations Director at The DCG stated that “At The Dining Club Group we are committed to continual improvement and innovation. Adopting Cevitr’s Digital Workmate has enabled The Dining Club Group staff to offer the very best customer experience by avoiding the distractions of repetitive manual tasks that would take significant time from our teams. The Dining Club Group’s focus on customer experience will be further bolstered with this collaboration.”

The ease of using a Digital Workforce with RPA in businesses with least amount of disruption is one of the key advantages of the Cevitr platform. Allan Farrell, Chief Technology Officer at The DCG alludes to this by stating “Technology innovation that drives business benefits can be complex and expensive. With Cevitr The DCG are adopting world leading RPA technology on a subscription basis within a very short amount of time. As The DCG continues to grow and innovate, adopting market leading technology which simplifies our business processes is a key aspect in our transformation journey.”

Ramesh Menon, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Cevitr, said, “Our collaboration with The Dining Club Group enables Cevitr to provide a market innovator with leading technology through our Digital Workmate proposition. Our goals of innovation and excellence are symbiotic, allowing Cevitr to add value and drive faster direct and consequential benefits to The Dining Club Group through automation.”

About Cevitr

Cevitr is a UK based company, offering a Digital Workforce to organisations of all sizes using Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The Digital Workforce is fully trained on end customer systems and are offered on a monthly subscription basis with no upfront investment. The service is all inclusive of software licenses, development and deployment and the customer can gain the benefits of a Digital Workmate in weeks.