Diabolocom on Top of the Market in 2020

Diabolocom development strategy has materialized through the acquisition of new European customers and anticipates 30% growth in 2020. To support this ambition, 30 positions will be opened to new talents.

Highlights of 2019


Native integrations with all CRMs

“In all the markets won in 2019, the ability to integrate into the customer’s existing business environment was decisive,” emphasizes Frédéric Durand, founder and CEO of Diabolocom. Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Zendesk, Hubspot, ServiceNow or Pegasystems, … The solution adapts to all the CRMs on the market as well as to companies’ business tools.

Differentiating outbound calling campaigns

Diabolocom has made a name for itself with major accounts specialising in outbound calls.

The key factor of this success? A targeted approach, respectful of the consumer and allowing the agent to handle calls in the best conditions.

A new e-mail solution

Thanks to the omnichannel engine, email interaction benefits from the same intelligent routing and automated processing options as voice channel interaction.


New customers in Europe

In France, Diabolocom now supports Younited Credit, iQera, Kapten, Biogaran and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Across the Rhine, the acquisition of clients such as the football club Eintracht Frankfurt, the real estate specialist CSF Immobilien and the insurance company Deutsche Familienversicherung illustrates the success of Diabolocom’s establishment on the German market.

In the United Kingdom, Mantrac, one of the five Caterpillar dealers worldwide, selected Diabolocom for its integration with Salesforce and its ability to support its operations covering England, all English-speaking countries in Africa, the Middle East and Russia.

Dolce & Gabbana, Geox and New Balance: with The Level Group, which guides luxury brands in their customer experience, Diabolocom has recorded its first significant reference in the Italian market.

Substantial infrastructure investments

Diabolocom has consolidated its private cloud and has become a landline telecommunications operator in Germany, as it already is the case in France since 2010.

The benchmark player in Europe also continued to invest in infrastructure to guarantee optimal service quality, virtually unlimited scalability and premium call quality.

This strategy has paid off, as Diabolocom now has several customers with contact centres with more than 1,000 agents.


With the arrival of 20 additional talents in 2019, Diabolocom continues to grow. In addition to the real prospects for development in an international environment, the company is directing its recruitment strategy towards improving candidate and employee experience. A strategy in line with the aspirations of employees, who take part in two team buildings a year and numerous internal events bringing together all the European teams.

Outlooks for 2020

“In 2020, we will capitalize on our strengths and accelerate in the 5 countries where we are already established. The calls for tender on which we are positioned and the strengthening of our sales teams enable us to project growth of around 30% and a doubling of our international revenue.”

To strengthen its market position, Diabolocom is planning an ambitious recruitment plan, which will bring the company’s total workforce to 100 people.

The new employees will have varied assignments and will contribute to Diabolocom’s development in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy and the North American market by the end of 2020.

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