LumenVox releases advanced biometric authentication suite Version 8

LumenVox, a global leader in speech and authentication solutions, released its most advanced suite of biometric authentication technologies to date, Version 8.

LumenVox’ Version 8 harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and biometrics to simplify the customer-agent interaction. The existing, vulnerable security practices of call centres are strengthened with quick, effortless, and compliant multifactor biometric authentication. The identity of customers may now be validated easily and securely with the human voice.

The Version 8 Suite takes advantage of years of development, testing and expertise–and enters 2020 with more customer conveniences and improved user interfaces, enabling a variety of multi-modal solutions with the following:

Core Components

  • A core authentication engine, faster, more sophisticated and more accurate than ever before. It is reintroduced with passive integration, built on the latest Deep Neural Network (DNN) technology, which enables automated fraud scanning.
  • A state-of-the-art web service platform. Its capabilities cater to midsized call centres, with the upgraded capacity to handle hundreds of calls in parallel.

Autonomous Agent Control

  • LumenVox Agent Desktop Portal is now a tried, tested and true powerhouse for call agents–complete with an improved user interface. This portal automates the caller verification process, creating a streamlined workflow for caller agents. It provides an intuitive interface for the contact centre agent. The easy integration results in significant cost-savings and a quick rollout for the entire solution.

Fraud Detection

  • LumenVox Fraud Scanner provides fraud alerts and automatic matching of voiceprints against a carefully-curated fraudster watchlist. It works 24/7 so the fraud team doesn’t have to—utilizing continuous enrollment, verification adaptation and enrichments of voiceprints to quickly identify fraudsters.
  • With Version 8 enterprises can now rely confidently upon passive and active voice biometrics instead of weak passwords and pins. Version 8 is now available worldwide.

About LumenVox:

LumenVox revolutionizes customer communication. Our flexible and cost-effective technology enables you to create effortless, secure customer-agent interactions in call center environments. We provide a complete suite of speech and multifactor authentication technology to make customer relations faster, stronger and safer than ever before. Our expertise is extensive—we support a multitude of applications for voice, facial biometrics, passive and active authentication, fraud prevention and public security. And we do it all by putting you and your customers first.