Ada’s Industry Leading Conversational AI Chatbot Now Available on Salesforce AppExchange

Ada, the market leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX), announced that its conversational AI chatbot is now available in the Salesforce AppExchange, a leading enterprise cloud marketplace.

Ada’s Salesforce strategy is designed to bring the power of accessible AI to organizations seeking to deliver best-in-class customer experiences. The company has long partnered with Salesforce to enable customers to deliver personalized, automated interactions that drive self-service behaviours and instant resolution. When human support is needed, Ada seamlessly and contextually hands off to the sales or support team in Salesforce via Live Agent, creating a case or creating a lead. With Ada’s AI-powered, personalized chatbot platform, businesses can reduce more than 80% of customer inquiries and boost live agent productivity, improving the overall customer support experience while saving millions in support costs.

“More than ever, businesses need to scale customer conversations. Consumers today want to feel valued, want their interactions with brands to be frictionless and meaningful, especially as we engage more digitally – on our phones, on social, through text messaging and in-app. The actionable insights that come from higher customer engagement are incentivizing companies to reach out proactively with automated, personalized messaging. In 2021, Ada is focused on taking customer conversations from reactive to proactive, driving engagement and revenue. The AppExchange is the ideal place for Salesforce customers to get started,” said Mike Murchison, Ada co-founder and CEO.

Ada & Salesforce Integration

No Code Deployment: Ada’s automated chatbot can be built without a dependence on IT. Ada puts the power of building in the hands of non-technical CX teams who know customers best. Within 30 days of launching automation-first support with Ada, businesses experience at least a 30% reduction in customer inquiry volume, shorter wait times for support, and improved CSAT.

Best-in-Class NLU: Ada’s proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model allows chatbots to instantly understand customer intent with just 7-10 training questions. Ada’s recent benchmarking analysis found that Ada’s AI outperforms competitors on the measures of predictability and accuracy by 14% on average. Even before hitting send, Ada’s Predictive Suggestions anticipate the customer’s question and proactively offer related topics to reduce customer effort.

Knowledge Lookup: Ada’s conversational AI recognizes when it does not have an answer to a customer’s question. In that case, Ada can search the existing knowledge base and provide relevant articles within the chat interface to promote self-service.

Fluent in 100+ Languages: Ada’s AI-powered platform enables companies to communicate with customers around the world. With Ada, you can build a chatbot in one language, and service customers with the click of a button in over 100 languages. Ada can also auto-detect a customer’s chosen language from a typed question and instantly switch to their preferred language.

Multi-Channel Support: In service of powering more customer interactions than ever before, Ada’s conversational AI facilitates fully automated as well as hybrid chatbot-human support interactions on the web, in-app with Ada’s SDKs, and across social channels like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Visit Ada’s listing on the AppExchange or visit to learn more about transforming customer experience with Ada’s automation platform.

About Ada

Ada is the market leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX). As the only chatbot platform purpose-built to support an automation-first customer experience strategy, Ada’s AI-powered platform is designed to deliver the scale and impact that transforms customer support from a cost centre to profit centre.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ada enables hundreds of customers around the world to meet the needs of today’s customers with thoughtful personalized interactions proven to enhance long-term value and boost the bottom line.

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