NICE Revolutionizes Contact Centre Recording with the Launch of InterACT, the Industry’s Only AI-Powered Agile Recording Solution

NICE announced it is transforming the way contact centres manage interaction recording with the launch of InterACT. A new AI-powered recording solution, InterACT automates end-to-end recording decisioning processes, dramatically reducing manual configurations, saving time and reducing human error.

InterACT ensures secure operations, business continuity and scales up to support as many as 200,000 agents on the same system.

Based on a microservices-driven cloud architecture, InterACT is flexible and highly scalable, with load balancing that optimizes server footprint. Supporting cloud, on-premises and hybrid configurations, InterACT meets each customer’s specific requirements. Organizations can also easily and gradually migrate to the cloud and CXone at a pace of their choice. With its combination of microservices-based architecture and AI-powered recording, InterACT ensures unprecedented business continuity, including N+M redundancy that can withstand multiple service disruptions.

InterACT automates the entire decisioning process behind how calls are recorded. Unlike traditional recording systems, settings, such as system mapping, do not need to be determined for every integration and scenario. The AI recording underpinning the solution automatically adapts to interaction channels, recorder configurations, extensions, and data sources. The result is an agile system that automatically adjusts to all contact centre environments and an automated deployment process that’s fast and accurate.

Along with its technological and operational advances, InterACT takes user experience to new frontiers of simplicity and agility, enabling IT administrators and managers to easily ensure compliance of their contact centre evidence keeping. The consistent, easy-to-use interface is based on HTML5, while the solution’s capabilities are presented as a suite of easily activated applications.

InterACT puts security front and centre by aligning with the latest security standards, including CVSSv3 and TLS1.3, and leveraging the most advanced authentication and authorization solutions, such as Active Directory, ADFS, SAML and OpenID.

Barry Cooper, President, NICE Workforce & Customer Experience Group, said, “InterACT redefines how organizations record contact centre interactions. By using a cloud architecture, either in the cloud or on-premise, InterACT scales orders of magnitude higher than anything previously in the market. By using AI, InterACT simplifies set up, allowing users to define what they want to record and automating how to do it. In short, InterACT powers agile, comprehensive recording for compliance and quality while paving the way to the cloud and CXone.”

About NICE

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