Scorebuddy Announces Acquisition of CxMoments: A Fully Integrated Text Analytics Solution for Call Centres

Scorebuddy, the best-in-class contact centre quality assurance platform provider announced that it has acquired CX Moments, a fully integrated text analytics solution that uses AI and machine learning to mine text data and customer conversations delivering critical, data-driven insights and exposing the reasons why customers contact you.

This acquisition will add to Scorebuddy’s award winning, contact centre quality and learning solutions that create strategies for delivering excellent customer service.

“We are incredibly excited to announce this first of its kind contact centre focused text analytics solution. The potential to reach into customer conversations and intelligently select them for evaluation has huge potential for our customers. Surfacing those hidden insights automatically on an ongoing basis is going to revolutionize the way QA is applied.” says Derek Corcoran, CEO & Founder at Scorebuddy.

Scorebuddy is the first QA platform to offer state-of-the-art text analytics fully integrated with its core contact centre QA product and combine that with a fully featured LMS. This is a natural evolution of the platform will accelerate our move towards a data driven all in one quality management platform.

Combining the power of AI and Machine learning and applying it to customer conversations allows quality teams to extend their coverage to 100% of interactions and let the system intelligently select customer interactions for evaluation by the quality team. CX Moments brings AI technology, a customer base and AI expertise to the Scorebuddy Team. This is going to dramatically increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality team.

“Joining force with Scorebuddy provides a great opportunity to Cx Moments and its customers to enhance the reach and benefits of AI Text Analytics” says Emmanuel Doubinsky, CEO of Cx Moments. “Combined with Scorebuddy’s leading Quality Assurance solution, Cx Moments AI becomes an engine to better assist, streamline and automate QA support processes for Brands and Call Centers”.

Scorebuddy’s text analytics includes rich out-of-the-box dashboards, integration with the Scorebuddy platform and a range of front end solutions including Zendesk, Freshdesk and Salesforce. In a few clicks, you can categorize and analyse 100,000’s of customer support cases, tickets and live chats.

ScorebuddyCx™ Text Analytics solution provides these benefits and more:

  • Improve and efficiently extend customer support to 100% coverage
  • Determine recurring issues you should fix
  • Detect the customer sentiment per topic
  • Decide upon which topics to train your agents on
  • Clear support backlogs by prioritizing tickets based on query type

About Scorebuddy:

Scorebuddy is an award-winning quality assurance solution for scoring customer service calls, emails, and web chat. Design and build your own scorecards, collect results and share, collaborate and review with staff. The platform is designed to replace spreadsheets and static scoring systems, streamlining the process, optimizing agent performance and providing advanced reporting. Scorebuddy’s integrated customer surveys gather customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) post interaction, and tie them back to the agent. Scorebuddy’s LMS helps contact centre managers and quality assurance specialists efficiently deliver, effectively track, and accurately measure the results of contact centre training.


About Cx Moments:

Cx Moments is an AI Text Analytics solution that automatically categorises topics and analyses sentiment in customer support conversations. Customer Service Directors and Customer Insights Managers use Cx Moments to detect problems that their customers face while buying or using their products and services. What hurts customers also hurts business, so Cx Moments makes it quick and easy to share these insights and examples with other teams to fix recurring problems.