Momentive announces availability of new capabilities for GetFeedback Salesforce integrations to embed the voice of the customer across the business

Momentive, a leader in agile experience management, announced several new integrations between GetFeedback and the Salesforce platform and Slack. GetFeedback is an agile customer experience solution that can be easily deployed in days, not months, without depending on a heavy investment in technical resources or third-party experts.

It is purpose-built for the Salesforce ecosystem and is a top-rated customer feedback solution on Salesforce AppExchange. The enhanced Slack integration, Salesforce integration, and new GetFeedback app enable users to embed the voice of the customer across more areas of the business, driving awareness of CX feedback and accountability for CX results across teams. These new capabilities can help CX teams turn insight into action faster, reduce siloed data, scale their efforts, and demonstrate the impact of CX initiatives to key stakeholders.

These updates are now available on AppExchange at

The newly announced capabilities are:

  • A Slack integration that automatically pushes customer feedback into relevant Slack channels. GetFeedback users can now set conditions and logic for sending feedback notifications so the right teams can see and take instant action on high-priority customer feedback.
  • An enhanced Salesforce integration that allows GetFeedback users to enrich Salesforce customer records in Sales and Service Clouds with feedback automatically captured from digital channels.
  • A new GetFeedback AppExchange app that provides a comprehensive view of all CX programs and data from inside the Salesforce system of record, making it easy to share rich customer feedback across the organization.

With these new capabilities, Salesforce and GetFeedback customers can more easily benefit from the existing Salesforce integrations with GetFeedback. GetFeedback’s integration with Salesforce can enable more companies to work with agility, scale their CX programs, and prove impact to other teams. Digital customer interactions are increasing at a rapid pace, and recent research shows that 87% of CX professionals believe customer feedback has become even more important compared to before COVID-19. Making digital feedback accessible to customer-facing teams is more crucial than ever to accelerate the insight and action needed to improve customer experience.

Key benefits of these new capabilities include:

  • Instant visibility and accountability to more easily take action on priority items and de-escalate issues, such as alerting engineering teams of website bugs to minimize the number of website visitors impacted.
  • The ability to more easily drive awareness of CX programs and metrics to key stakeholders across the organization without having to manually export data and create static presentations.
  • A holistic view of the customer with feedback data automatically synced to the customer record, making it simpler to build reports or provide business context on customer feedback items.
  • Flexibility in how customer data is mapped to the customer records and how integrations are set up, which allows teams to automate tasks, empowering them to scale CX programs as they expand.

Customers like YETI and Peapack-Gladstone Bank have benefited from GetFeedback’s native Salesforce integration and multichannel feedback collection across customer touchpoints.

“Any business that wants to stay ahead of the curve needs a solution that can keep up with ever-changing customer expectations and fit easily into an existing workflow,” said Craig Shull, Senior Vice President and General Manager of GetFeedback at Momentive. “Legacy solutions keep data siloed in different tools, making it a challenge for customer feedback to flow to where it can generate insights and actions to drive customer experience forward. We’re excited about these updates to GetFeedback’s AppExchange solution.”

“We are excited that Momentive is continuing to innovate on AppExchange as they extend to their integration across more areas of the business,” said Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange. “AppExchange is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers, and we love watching our partners evolve alongside us.”

These updates are available now. For more information, please visit GetFeedback on AppExchange.

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GetFeedback by Momentive is an agile, multichannel CX solution from Momentive that deploys in days, not months, and enables CX teams to deliver great experiences without waiting on long implementations. GetFeedback offers frictionless listening across multiple channels and high response rates. It integrates CX insights and actions into key systems, enabling CX professionals to iterate and scale quickly. GetFeedback is purpose-built for the Salesforce ecosystem and is a top-rated customer feedback solution on the AppExchange. Companies like PUMA, Yeti, Toyota, and Carrefour rely on GetFeedback to deliver customer experiences that set them apart.

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