Cyara Unveils LiveVQ

Cyara, provider of the award-winning Automated CX Assurance Platform, announced the release of LiveVQ, a leading-edge solution for contact centres with at-home and remote agents that assures quality CX through real-time monitoring and diagnostics of voice quality.

With the actionable data that LiveVQ provides, contact centres can improve agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and sales, and lower technical cost, effort, and mean-time-to-repair. The initial release supports Amazon Connect environments.

The accelerated shift to at-home agents during COVID-19 ripped a hole in contact centres’ ability to manage technical issues, including those that negatively impact voice quality during interactions with callers. This loss of visibility and control over the quality of customer experiences diminished customer satisfaction, contributed to lost sales, and impaired agent productivity. Moreover, this lack of visibility created challenges in resolving voice quality issues with a remote workforce and added to the technical workload. To solve this widespread problem, LiveVQ offers real-time monitoring, alerting, and diagnostics of factors that can impact voice quality during live customer calls.

When contact centre agents can’t take calls or have poor quality connections, it directly impacts the business metrics that matter, like customer experience, average handle time, agent utilization, customer satisfaction, and net promoter scores (NPS). This can increase churn rate and, for contact centres focused on sales, negatively affect top-line revenue.

LiveVQ alerts will help contact centre business operations and IT to diagnose voice quality issues faster, indicating when problems arise, pointing to root cause, and reducing mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). This will ensure businesses don’t lose customers or top-line sales due to poor-quality phone calls.

“The launch of LiveVQ is a key milestone in Cyara’s shift from focusing primarily on voice quality issue identification to also providing customers with real-time, actionable data that drives faster resolution,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara. “The market was in need of a solution that offers this level of continuous voice quality monitoring to support the challenges that today’s contact centres are facing with remote agents.”

LiveVQ is a lightweight, secure, and privacy-compliant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that runs in the background of Amazon Connect workstations, passively monitoring calls and providing real-time data on things like Internet and network stability, reliability and hardware configuration. Any time quality degrades, agents can use LiveVQ’s desktop application to alert support teams to the issue. LiveVQ will also automatically send alerts if custom, pre-set quality thresholds have been breached. Every alert — whether initiated by an agent, or automatically generated — contains all the data necessary to facilitate faster troubleshooting and resolution. This data is visually displayed in customizable dashboards that give contact centres and IT teams historical, real-time, and trending views of voice quality metrics at the individual, team and aggregate levels.

“During COVID, all 4,000 of our agents moved to work from home within three weeks. If they had an issue there was very limited information we could access to try and troubleshoot. We could spend up to two hours talking to staff to diagnose the problem,” said Alex Kocher, Head of Technology, Assisted Channels, at National Australia Bank. “NAB has long had a drive to experiment and try new things. Having worked collaboratively with Cyara for over ten years, we were excited to beta test their new platform. The granular visibility it provides in terms of agent voice quality and connectivity issues, means we can diagnose problems much faster, wherever the agent or banker is based. Technology innovations on this scale really enable working from home to be industrialised. Ultimately, where we want to get to next is proactively using synthetic calls to try and diagnose problems before they occur so we can get ahead of any disruption to our customer experience and really support our front line staff.”

LiveVQ will be available in mid-November. To learn more about Cyara LiveVQ, please visit:

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