LiveVox Launches SmartStart Program, Powering Speed-to-Value for Contact Centres

LiveVox, a leading cloud-based provider of customer service and digital engagement tools, launched the SmartStart Program. The new portal gives customers quicker access to essential LiveVox applications, including customer engagement channels such as voice, SMS, email, and chat, as well as interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities and managerial reporting.

Contact center managers often wait weeks or months to use their newly purchased contact centre software. However, by using the SmartStart Program with incorporated industry best practices, contact centre agents and managers can easily employ LiveVox’s innovative technology in a matter of days, which can help contact centres more quickly deliver business value and achieve higher ROI.

“Contact centre leaders need to evaluate and adopt new technologies to help them on the path toward digital transformation, but they have often found their journey weighed down by painful and lengthy implementation processes,” said Louis Summe, CEO, LiveVox. “We developed the LiveVox SmartStart Program based on more than 20 years of curated best practices and industry standards. This launch is an opportunity for our customers to more quickly take advantage of emerging technology, like AI, to power digital customer experience improvements, optimize operations, and deliver better outcomes.”

Key benefits of LiveVox’s SmartStart Master Portal include:

  • Faster Speed-to-Value: New LiveVox customers get their hands on applications and solutions within days, which can help them to achieve ROI 3x faster than ever before.
  • Ease of Implementation: With less paperwork and fewer configuration sessions and meetings, LiveVox’s technology will have an immediate, tangible impact on contact centre operations.
  • Real-time Configuration: LiveVox implementation engineers quickly configure applications and provide guidance to meet unique business needs.
  • Immediate Impact for Contact Center Agents, Managers, and Customers: Agents and managers have immediate access to eLearning to power adoption through self-service.

“Our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive, integrated, and advanced solution in the market – implementation and adoption should not be a barrier,” continued Summe. “LiveVox is dedicated to removing obstacles that stand between a contact centre agent and the experience they should deliver to customers. The SmartStart Program is helping deliver innovation with reduced risk.”

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