Nuuday Infuses AI Into Customer Experience With the Avaya OneCloud Experience Platform

Nuuday, Denmark’s largest provider of broadband, communication and entertainment services, has launched “Josefine,” an AI-powered voicebot capable of delivering dynamic, immediate and personalized experiences for customers interacting through its Avaya OneCloud communications and collaboration platform.

The assistant, composed with Avaya OneCloud™ CCaaS and Google Cloud™ Contact Center AI,represents a leap towards what Nuuday calls the ‘Cognitive Customer Universe’, an AI-driven ecosystem that can optimize customer service and experience based on customers’ ongoing interactions with Nuuday.

Josefine is improving the Nuuday customer experience by effortlessly automating the resolution of simple customer queries and binary questions quickly, while freeing up resources for more demanding customer enquiries.

In the future, Nuuday intends to make the voicebot available 24-7 across a range of customer touchpoints, and also use insights derived from its interactions to provide customer service agents with in-the-moment access to relevant knowledge on customers.

​“In a highly competitive market, our investments in customer experience aim at solving the tradeoff between achieving high customer satisfaction levels, increasing efficiencies in our operation and maintaining the motivation and engagement of our customer service agents,” said Jesper Frederik Gottlieb, Vice President, Nuuday.

“As we rethink the customer and agent journeys and align them with innovation from Avaya and its ecosystem of partners, we are composing personalized experiences that solve for this tradeoff.”

As it moves towards its Cognitive Customer Universe, Nuuday will continue to compose AI-powered solutions leveraging the Avaya OneCloud platform, and is planning an attribute-based routing solution that “is expected to reduce the number of calls to human agents significantly in the coming years,” according to Gottlieb.

Nidal Abou-Ltaif, President, Avaya International, said: “Staying true to its brand promise, Nuuday is taking the lead in developing services that make life its customers’ lives easier, and the company is redefining what is possible with technology as it seeks to take customer and employee experiences to new heights. It is our privilege to support Nuuday as it continues on this impressive journey.”

​​The solution composed by Nuuday will be on display on Avaya’s stand at GITEX Global 2021. Avaya’s presence at GITEX comes in partnership with Future Technology, Gulf Applications, RayCom Technologies, Sestek, Summit Technology Solutions, Toolwire, TOPAZ, and Verint Systems. Visit Avaya at its stand in Zabeel Hall, at Dubai World Trade Centre between October 17 and 21, 2021, or tune into the live broadcast.

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