Khoros Collaborates with AWS to Integrate Amazon Connect Into its Digital Contact Center Solution

Khoros, an award-winning leader in digital-first customer engagement software and services, announced an expanded collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) which will include an integration with Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact centre service platform, to bring industry-leading voice capabilities into Khoros’ artificial intelligence (AI)-powered contact centre solution.

Customers expect companies to deliver exceptional customer support, and they’re willing to pay a premium for it too. According to Accenture, 45% of customers will pay more for a product if that premium ensures a higher level of service. Customers expect to interact with brands they trust in their preferred channel, at the time and pace of their choice. For most companies handling omnichannel interactions, service agents interact with customers across voice, chat, messaging, Short Message Service (SMS), social, and email. Each channel is governed by a separate application, posing a challenge for agents to transition among them while keeping track of tasks and data in customer relationship management (CRM) software.

“Customers demand tailored experiences from the brands they love, and Khoros in your contact centre ensures you can deliver a truly personalized and positive customer experience. Leveraging AI and Khoros CX Insights, our platform harnesses data that exists across millions of customer interactions so that agents using Khoros can build trust and make the customer feel valued while providing a superior agent experience. With Khoros, every brand can provide personalized customer service across all channels, without doubling contact centre staff,” said Jack Blaha, Chief Executive Officer of Khoros.

Khoros is an award-winning cloud-native customer engagement platform built on AWS. Khoros’ digital contact centre solution integrates and augments existing enterprise software and communication channels, now including Amazon Connect voice, in a simple and easy-to-use interface, giving service agents a complete customer 360-degree view while optimizing for the agent experience. By integrating with Amazon Connect’s cloud contact centre technology, Khoros gives its customers the power to deliver true omnichannel experiences that are personalized, contextual, and seamless across all channels. This will include the ability to engage with customers via messaging and voice in a single experience, transcribe voice to text, make agile changes to interactive voice response (IVR) automation, and deliver inbound and outbound callbacks — all within the Khoros platform. As a result, contact centers can improve their customer experience (CX), increase agent efficiency, and reduce traditional call centre costs.

“We are excited to integrate with Amazon Connect and give our customers a complete omnichannel engagement platform,” added Chris Tranquill, Chief of Strategy at Khoros. “Together, brands will be able to engage with and gather real-time insights about their customers across all channels — on a flexible, modern platform purpose-built for a digital world.”

Khoros brings 20 years of digital-first innovation and partnership to the work of transforming the way that businesses engage with their customers, helping to drive better experiences across the expanding digital channel landscape. For contact centres, the Khoros platform makes agents’ jobs easier with an intuitive desktop experience, AI-enabled agent assistance, and a 360-degree view of customer engagement. The platform also features multi-bot agnostic integrations and is the only solution built on the foundation of asynchronous messaging, enabling brands to easily add and optimize new channels, workflows, and metrics.

Together with Amazon Connect, the Khoros contact centre solution will provide businesses with a fully integrated suite for digital engagement, self-service, automation, and CX analytics for world-class customer and agent experiences across all channels.

About Khoros

Over 2,000 global brands, including one-third of the Fortune 100 companies, leverage the power of Khoros’ award-winning customer engagement platform to create customers for life. Our innovative enterprise solutions, including over 20 patented technologies, ensure success across digital customer service, messaging, chat, online brand communities, and social media management. Combined with our industry-leading services, Khoros enables brands to connect with customers throughout their entire digital journey.

Khoros powers more than 500 million daily digital interactions and leverages AI to turn these interactions into insights and action. Recognized nationally and locally as one of the Best Places to Work, Khoros has 11 offices globally and Vista Equity Partners is its lead investor.

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