LINK Mobility awarded “Best RCS Provider” Platinum Winner by Juniper Research

LINK Mobility (LINK) has been recognized for its industry-leading innovation that enables global brands to more directly connect and engage with their customers. The Oslo-based technology company has been awarded Juniper Research’s “Best RCS Provider” Platinum title in the Telco Innovation category of the 2022 Future Digital Awards.

The Juniper Future Digital Awards recognize organizations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry and are positioned to make a significant impact. LINK rose above a record number of competitors in this category because of its innovative RCS Messaging product, which provides a leading proposition for brands. RCS is the next generation of traditional native SMS messaging on Android mobile devices, allowing brands to enhance customer experiences with images, carousels, videos, maps, and calls to action buttons all within the native messaging application on the mobile handset.

LINK is currently working with several high-profile global brands that are using RCS for both promotional and transactional messaging. These messaging needs include promotional marketing, showcasing product catalogs with personalized shopping assistance, presenting new products, and making appointments or confirming orders and deliveries. LINK’s customers have experienced +400% increases in open rates, engagement scores, and click-through rates using RCS in comparison to the same campaigns on other channels.

LINK’s single RCS API and integrated SaaS solutions cover Marketing Campaign Automation, Customer Care, and advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP)/Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots. LINK is the partner of choice for several mobile network operators and has direct access with over 80 operators globally, helping to define the business models and increase adoption by some of the world’s leading brands.

“I am delighted that we have been recognized by Juniper for our RCS Messaging Product as it is an important component of our Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offering. Our dedicated teams in local offices are committed in 2022 to helping even more brands facilitate conversations through outbound campaigns and customer-initiated messages.” – Guillaume van Gaver, CEO for LINK Mobility Group

On receiving the Platinum award, Head of Analytics & Forecasting from Juniper Research, commented “LINK Mobility has shown they are a leader in providing RCS messaging services to enterprises wishing to capitalize on the growing rise of omnichannel communication. As this trend rises, LINK is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend by serving clients across a wide base of industries via its CPaaS solutions, and we believe the company will be at the forefront of messaging innovation over the next few years” – Sam Barker, Head of Analytics & Forecasting at Juniper Research

About LINK Mobility

LINK is a global provider of mobile messaging and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions for increased engagement. The company serves enterprise, SME, and government customers. LINK offers a wide range of innovative and scalable mobile solutions, creating valuable digital convergence between businesses and customers, governments and citizens, platforms, and users. LINK has 47,000 customer accounts globally and exchanges more than 10 billion messages a year. LINK is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker LINK.

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