McKinsey & Company Partner joins Infobip as Chief Business Officer

Infobip, a global cloud communications platform and leader in omnichannel engagement, has strengthened its management with the introduction of a new strategic position to take it into the next phase of exponential growth and global expansion.

Ivan Ostojić has joined Infobip as Chief Business Officer after 10 years at leading global consulting company, McKinsey & Company, where as a Partner he co-founded and co-led McKinsey´s Global Technology Council and McKinsey´s Innovation & New Business building (Leap) practices.

“Infobip’s journey is to redefine and create authentic and safe digital interactions between humans and the world around us. Technological development is constantly accelerating, which brings Infobip many new business opportunities but also offers us the chance to create new value experiences for companies and their customers.”, said Silvio Kutić, Chief Executive Officer of Infobip.

Kutić continues: Ivan’s extensive industrial and consulting experience will help us step into unchartered technological waters that drive business growth and help us achieve even stronger global expansion. More importantly it means we can bring exciting and immersive experiences to connect people around the world with the organisations they love and rely on to live their lives. Our new member of the management board will implement strategic initiatives even faster, especially new go-to-market and business models based on innovation and technology”.

One of Ostojić’s main goals will be to further strengthen Infobip’s critical future & market-shaping functions, such as strategic project office, marketing, Go-to-Market & business model innovation, partnership & alliances, and strategic M&A.

“I am very excited to lead a team that aims to set long-term strategy, and accelerate the delivery of Infobip`s innovation into the hands of our customers. Now that we are entering a new phase of exponential growth there is a huge space in front of Infobip where we can make world-transforming, disruptive new solutions to enable more personalized, faster and more robust communication”, said Ivan Ostojić.

“Today, as a company, we have one of the world’s best technology platforms, and the goal is to make it a key platform for all global companies looking to digitally transform and innovate. In this we see great potential for even stronger growth. Today, advances in technology are happening faster and more often, in combination with increasingly popular tech directions such as Metaverse and artificial intelligence, which Infobip will also explore.“

Ostojić will be based out of Zurich, Switzerland, where he lives. He holds a doctorate in natural sciences from the University of Basel and a master’s degree in management, technology and economics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Ostojić is a new name in a series of prominent appointments to Infobip’s management in the last year, which is in line with the company’s strategy of strengthening expertise and bringing rich experience for the coming period during which the company will continue to apply an exponential approach to business.